Monday, April 21, 2008

We're gonna get you!

Well that's just super, Chief! DC is "cracking down" on crime after five people are killed over the weekend. So after defensless people are gunned down, Chiefy is gonna try and stop it! Look out bad guys!

It's a good thing that there are so many unarmed victims walking around, otherwise the criminals would have a hard time creating their own power trip.

This article is so quotable it makes my head hurt.
Officers in the 5th Police District said they have seen a "disturbing" increase in violent crime, prompting Mayor Adrian Fenty and Police Chief Cathy Lanier to increase police presence.

Prompting?!?! Outstanding work Mayor! But I thought everyone was super safe because the citizens can count on the police to keep them alive, and they don't have any need for individual protection. I bet the five victims would have loved to have a means of protection in their final moments.
Lanier said officers are working double shifts, cracking down on nuisance crimes and interacting more with the community to try to drum up leads to solve the homicides.

They can stop nuisance crimes all damn day. When a citizens life is on the line, there is no one there to stop it except the citizen, but they can't! They have no means of defense.
Police said they believe two of the homicides may be connected to neighborhood rivalries. Officers are working with community leaders to come up with ways to stamp out the violence.

Maybe you should let the community "stamp out the violence." What an idea! But DC "officials" think that when gangs are trying to kill you to take your lunch money, the only person who has any chance of saving you is the cops who will be there any minute. Trust us. And if (when) they don't get there in time:
"If you're out here shooting people and committing crimes, we're gonna get you. We are gonna get you," Lanier said.
Scary stuff!! So after the criminal goes on a shooting spree, the brave DC police will try and catch them. No word on whether they will prevent such killings in the future.

And how about those thugs that they caught? Do you reckon they were NRA members? Do you think they had permits to carry those guns? I didn't think so.

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