Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tearing the needle off the record...

...when I enter the room. This article is by David Manes via Political Cartel, and it's about how plastic grips and such on evil "assault weapons" - silly term - metamorphisize a rifle into some hip firing, deadly baby killer.

A flurry of comments ensued, mostly by gun bloggers, and I joined in while the conversation was hot, and finally went on a rant which seemed to end all conversation. My comment is next to the last at the bottom.

Despite all of this nonsense, David does try to engage in some friendly discourse; although he does not let facts ruin his perception. Here's a tidbit:
"There is a reason why these weapons are considered “assault weapons;” they are designed for attacking a large force of enemies in a combat situation."

Laughable; yes, but it's not polite to point. Here's more:
"Of course these additional military-style features add to the lethality of a weapon. Why else would the military be using pistol grips and barrel shrouds and folding stocks, etc? Do you really expect me to believe that the military (and all the other militaries in the world) have chosen these elements for purely cosmetic reasons?"

Yes David, collapsable stocks make the bullets go faster.

My last comment was sparked by "one of us." You know the type - I own guns too, but mortal citizens don't have the right to own xxxx gun because xxxx.

Blaaahhhhhh....I just threw up in my mouth.

Read the comments if you want to get some great information from some gun bloggers who are very knowledgeable. Or you can just read the article if you want a good chuckle.

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