Monday, April 7, 2008

DC gun grab stalled til June

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What truly made me recoil in astonishment was the comments made by Johnny Barnes of the ACLU in regards to other ways to get guns off the streets:
He cited the successful police-sponsored gun buyback program, in which residents bring guns to a designated place on a certain day and turn them in for money.

Gun buybacks aren't successful. They give out taxpayer money to elderly widows who turn in their late husbands war worn Colt 1911 without any idea of its value, or to gun dealers who know a deal when they see one and turn in several dozen broken $60 Lorcin handguns for a $250 return. How is it that a city can use citizens money to "buy back" something that they didn't own in the first place? I'm not the only one who thinks they're clown shows.
"Why do we have to put at risk our fundamental constitutional rights?" Barnes said of Safe Homes.

Indeed. The ACLU has never given one teeny little shit about the second amendment, which the citizens of DC have been deprived of for over 30 years. Where was the ACLU when gun owners needed them?
The ACLU is partnering with the community group ACORN and others to sponsor a training session that will educate people about their rights, he said.

Yeah, because ACORN is all about protecting your Constitutional rights. Spare me any of your favors.

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