Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movie Guns IV

After a long and tedious week, I am proud to bring you another movie guns post. I actually pulled frames from two movies, and I had a hard time deciding which one to post this week as they are both good.

This weeks movie guns is from the movie I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. I doubt that he's a shooter in real life, but he has fired lots of gun props so his weapon handling skills are not too bad, even if there are a couple of bad flinches in there.

There are not a whole lot of different guns in this movie, but there are some great firefights and closeups. Will Smith's character has amassed quite the arsenal, and has various weapons stashed strategically throughout his house.

Here is the M4 with ACOG optic that is used throughout most of the movie. That wire for the Pentagon light pressure switch should be moved out of the way of the ejection port.

Not once during the entire movie did I see the ejection port cover closed. It's a little fuzzy, but check out what he is pointing at:
Not lion medicine

That would be a lion. Shooting a lion with an M4 would probably just piss it off. You can see the Pentagon light with laser on the side of the rifle. Later on in the movie he does a little room clearing using the light, and what does he find?...


Danger close!
Smith blasts this zombie on auto with his M4 at close range under the illumination of his weapon mounted light. Good stuff!

Nothing excites gun people more than the chance at fighting zombie hordes! I know many of gun owners, and none of them desire to shoot another person, but zombies....they are already dead, so the ethics involved are not important. Zombies are just moving targets.

In a self defense situation only one or two attackers are involved, and the fight is over in seconds. Afterwords there is the part of dealing with taking a life. Not so here. The thought of thousands of dead...or undead...hostile targets that explode into ickyness when shot is every gunnies dream, and this is backed up by the fact that most online gun forums have a disclaimer stating that zombie threads will be deleted.

Here we have a scene where Smith is choosing his carry gun for the day:
M249 SAW

We have a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon; too big for day-to-day carry even against hordes of undead. Then we have:
War chest

Two M4A3's with all kinds of mounted goodies. I have no idea what the third gun from the left is; maybe a Tippman paintball gun? Imagine if New Yorkers could have a gun locker like that without fear of arrest!

Next up we have a Benchmade Auto Stryker that Smith uses to cut himself free of a rope.
Benchmade Auto Stryker

Hey, knives are arms too! Knife laws in this country are every bit as stupid as gun laws. A good knife in your pocket is comforting.

For the H&K fans we have Smith fighting zombie dogs with an H&K USP, caliber unknown:

Zombie dog

Yikes! Danger close again!
Zombie dog gets a USP snack

Ultimately, Smith is saved by his courageous and bad ass German Shepherd. Man's best friend can be the fight winning weapon when the chips are down.

Later on we have Alice Braga drawing a Glock 19 with a retention lanyard:

Glock draw
Glock 19

She doesn't shoot it, but it's still cool that she's packing.
Smith has a Smith & Wesson 5903 on the counter that he had taken out of a drawer in the living room:
S&W 5903

During the final fight Smith pulls an M4 from the umbrella stand and gets some work done on full auto! Who says M4's can't be used for home defense!
M4 blast

Here you can see a blank that has ejected from the rifle.
M4 shootin blanks

Check out the cases in the air. Smith is looking over the top of the rifle and trying to walk the rounds into the zombie. It would seem that this scene suffers from the "bottomless magazine" syndrome. Right after this frame the rifle runs out of rounds, and the viewers are treated to the mechanical click-click-click-click-click sound to inform those who have no firearm knowledge that the gun is empty. Hollywood!

M4 full auto

Smith finishes him off with the Beretta 92F that he keeps on his nightstand.

92F blasting zombie

The deadliest zombie medicine in Smiths arsenal is the M67 fragmentation grenade. I wonder if he paid his tax stamp to the ATF to have this in his Manhattan town home!

M67 frag

That's it folks. It took me about three hours to pull the frames from the movie, label and then organize them, and I have the frames already pulled for the next movie guns. I promise it will be as good or better than this one!


Anonymous said...

hello, excellent work on the benchmade sight there... beautiful.. i was wonderin if you knew the model balisong used in the outsiders.. cause im lookin for it

Unknown said...

I don't know off hand, but I will look into it. I haven't seen that movie in years, but it's a good one, so I will pick up a copy this week and check it out.

Too bad balisongs get negative looks these days, thanks to ignorant politicians, Hollywood, and the media. My EDC is a Cold Steel bali, an Arc-Angel, so I'm curious as to what make the knife is.

Come to think of it, I need to start putting more knife related stuff on here since they are arms as well.

Anonymous said...

That M4 Smith is using is from what I last read an AR-15 A3 heavily tricked out and converted to full auto. They called in an M4gery. haha, clever. And that USP is actually its big brother, the H&K SOCOM Mk. 23.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, he had a converted Law Enforcement Carbine, NOT an A3. whoops.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Can someone please answer my question? Why was Will Smith covering his light every few seconds in the scene where he was in the dark warehouse trying to find his dog? Be gentle. It's probably a simple answer but I've been painting all day and the fumes are making me spacy.

Thanks to everyone that responds kindly.


Anonymous said...

Great movie, some good gun stuff in it too. And i love the HK!

Anonymous said...

About the unidentified "paintball" gun in the gun cabinet...

Judging by the foregrip and overall shape of the furniture, I recon it's a Mossberg 590 Bullpup.