Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orwellian technology for the consumer

Now you can have control of cameras that monitor your house. It's not such a bad idea, actually.

At the touch of a keypad, on his laptop, or on his hand-held, John Evans can keep a live eye on his children and his house on his remote Maryland street with Alarm.com.

A tiny camera is positioned above his front door so that he can see his children arrive home from school. Other cameras are inside.

If motion detectors are triggered, he'll receive an alert on his computer or his cell phone if he chooses.

"It will send me a five-second clip of the actual motion so I can see that everything's all right in real time," Evans said.

If a scumbag did attack your house, you may get to see little Johnny blow him away with your shiny new AR-15. That would be real "peace of mind."

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