Friday, April 25, 2008

Maybe I was wrong about hope for public schools

Another kid was plotting to kill large numbers of students in an attack on a high school in Indiana.

He was inquiring on how to procure an Intratec "TEC-DC9 9mm pistol" so that he could be like the Columbine high school killers. The press gets the weapon right because it is the scarriest sounding thing they have heard for awhile. Loosers.

What is the facination with a weapon like this? It looks scary, I guess, but why would someone want to use a crappy pistol that is known for having little accuracy? It is NOT an automatic weapon by the way, and it shoots a 9mm cartridge. Big deal.

Oooohhh, I get it! It has a barrel shroud! That makes the bullets go faster!

Your dose of stupid for the day:
Authorities detained the teen Tuesday on an initial charge of intimidation, St. Joseph prosecutor County Michael Dvorak said. His office was preparing charges of conspiracy to commit murder after authorities found more than 100 knives at the boy's home, Dvorak said.
100 knives huh? So does that mean that knife collectors are conspiring to commit murder? Should we have a "one knife a month" law? Loosers.

Even more scary, he had deadly assault snakes!
Authorities also found several illegal snakes at the teen's home in Mishawaka, about 10 miles east of South Bend, Dvorak said.
The worst part about it was that he wanted to make bombs:
They found he had searched the Internet on Monday for how to make propane tank bombs and for a reference guide on how to make explosives and other dangerous devices, Dvorak said.
Bombs are the biggest threat because they are so easy to make. When a student wants to kill large numbers of people he or she will look into this and there is no law that will stop it.


Mike W. said...

Well we could completely censor the internet and libraries so no one could get info on bombs & weapons. Why not do it "for the children?" I mean it's only the 1st Amendment. right?

Unknown said...

Sure, sure, this country's founding fathers could never have known that we would possess such destructive forms of speech in this day and age.

Think of all the crime that could be stopped.