Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movie Guns V

This week I bring you pictures from the movie Running Scared staring Paul Walker. I've never been a fan of his until I saw this movie where he plays a very stressed man throughout. There is some great shootouts in this movie; that is, until you go frame by frame. Then you can clearly see the mistakes.

We will start out in the room during the big shootout at the beginning of the movie where three cops bust in during a drug deal. Short shotguns, 1911's, machetees, guys blown across the room; standard stuff. I counted eight distinct sounds of shotguns being racked during this scene, not counting when they are firing. I hate that. Here is a frame showing a bad guy blown ten feet by the shotgun:

This has been proven to be impossible many times, with physics and such, but that doesn't stop Hollywood! Also, he doesn't rack the slide but the shell ejects anyways despite all of the shotguns being pump action. Here is a closeup of a pistol gripped Remington 870:

This is the gun that is used through the entire movie to incite all kinds of violence, shown here being drawn from an ankle holster on the outside of his right ankle:
Ankle holdout

That's when the big shootout begins. First, I would like to say that the "cops" in this movie are the most non-shooting individuals in the history of police work. I didn't count how many shells they fired off, but one guy drops down to reload after firing to empty at distances of about eight feet. Have a look:

If you can't hit someone that close with a shotgun and six or seven shells than you need to find a new line of work. The bullet holes on the walls in this scene appear, disappear, and re-appear again because, I'm guessing, the scene is shot with multiple camera's at the same time, and when the film is edited some of the footage is redundant. Also interesting is how sparks fly off of the door and the drywall from bullet impact.

One cool scene has the viewers looking through a hole in the mattress that Paul Walker, "Joey," uses for cover when one of the non-shooting cops fires what looks like #4 buckshot through it:
Buckshot #4

Joey pulls his 1911 of unknown make and fires one round, after which the slide locks back and he reloads. In this frame, the 1911's hammer is down but he is aiming it anyways. Paul Walker shows some gun handling discipline in the movie regardless of these mistakes. Notice the solid two handed grip.

Look close and you can see the hammer back on the pistol as it's firing:
1911 blast


There is some poor gun handling discipline among the cops. They fire the shotguns mere inches from each others face and hands with almost every shot:
Short shotty blast

Here is a look at the stainless steel Smith & Wesson Model 36 that is used in the movie:

At the end of the movie a bad guy shoots Joey with it moments after this frame was taken:
No rounds

Notice anything unusual? There are no rounds in the gun!

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, Joey's wife, played by Vera Farmiga, wields a pistol that I just can't identify:

I originally thought it was a Sig P220 at first glance, but then when I was taking frames from the scene I thought it was some sort of Smith & Wesson auto like a Model 945. It's a double stack grip, so it's not a 945, and the frame mounted saftey says it's not any other S&W model. It looks like a .45 Auto, and you can clearly see the barrel bushing. Also note the hooked trigger guard. Can somebody tell me what this pistol is? Here is a shot of actor Michael Cudlitz holding what looks like the same gun:

At the end of the movie there is another shootout. This mobster has never held a gun in his life by looking at how far down on the grip he holds this Glock 17:

Once again we have Joey with a good two handed grip, this time on the same Glock as pictured above:
Glock 17 aim

The last picture I have for you is an Italian switch blade that Joey uses to run through a pimp in the end. This would be the pimp holding the empty S&W 36.

Like I said before, knives are arms too.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Movie Guns!

Update: My brother Seth points out that the gun used by Vera Farmiga and Michael Cudlitz in the movie is a Browning GPDA-9. Good work! I looked for about an hour and a half for the make of that gun.


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Unknown said...

Browning GPDA9

James R. Rummel said...

It seems to me that the stainless S&W revolver should have a firing pin on the hammer, but it seems to be missing.