Thursday, April 10, 2008

TSA engineered negligent discharge

Found at SaysUncle: TSA "safety" rules led to the Federal Flight Deck Officer shooting a hole in his plane.

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the pawnbroker said...

hi, thanks for your earlier visit to my blog...xavier posted this vid some time ago after he saw my post about it where i wondered what the hell circumstances allowed it to happen...

well, a storage/locking system designed by blind monkeys sure seems to have contributed, but who is really culpable for a negligent discharge? own three nd's are being blogged starting here:

and xav has said he may host a running post with contributions from anyone with an unintentional discharge to discuss...including whether a ud can ever be anything other than nd (negligent) could any be just ad (accidental)...well maybe, but not my three...jtc