Friday, July 11, 2008

Sloth attempts to abduct a 2nd woman.

I say Sloth because that is exactly what the police composite sketch looks like; a face only a mother could love. All of this took place at the University of Mary Washington.

So I guess all of those M4's didn't help campus security now did it?
Natatia Bledsoe of the Fredericksburg Police Department said the woman, who is in her 20s and is not a UMW student, was running on the trail around the athletic fields on Hanover Street when a man with a gun grabbed her and pushed her into the bushes.

Just give him what he wants. Let the state handle the aftermath.
The attacker tried to tie the woman's hands together and when she resisted, he dropped the gun, Bledsoe said.

I thought you weren't supposed to resist? And how come the attacker dropped the gun when it's supposed to be the woman who does that? This changes everything. Next time you go jogging, I recommend you take one of these.

Here is an oft heard multiple dose of stupid:

Neighbors along Hanover said yesterday that they never considered the UMW track area to be an unsafe place to run.

"I was out there about 6:30 [Wednesday] morning," said Shirley Eye, who lives on Hanover near the track. "I've always felt really safe and content that this is a nice place to be."

"I would have said it's the safest place in the world to go and jog," he said.

"Sometimes I see girls out there at night running by themselves and I worry," said Betsy Spradlin, another Hanover Street resident. "But I wouldn't think you'd have to worry at 7:30 in the morning."

Do people really think that criminals look to conduct business in a rough part of town? No, they look for petite unarmed joggers who are not likely to resist. Here is a look at what happens when petite prey resists.

Woman, be advised: you can stop an attacker with the right tool.

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