Friday, July 18, 2008

Gun owners have massive shootout during DC gun registry

Actually, no. There were not many people who showed up, and only one gun was registered. So much for blood in the streets. Dick Heller, the man who took his 2nd Amendment case to the Supreme Court and won, did not register his gun when he first showed up because he didn't think he could transport it from Maryland:
Heller has been keeping his gun in Maryland and does not believe the amnesty program for people who have kept guns in the District illegally applies to him. Heller and his attorneys said they were worried about transporting the weapon across the border without a license. After police assured him it wasn't a problem, Heller said he would come back later with the gun.
His fear is well founded. The silly patchwork of "reasonable" gun laws that brainless politicians have put out over the years makes the honest people in this country worry about breaking the law accidentally.

That sucks that citizens walk on eggshells to abide by the laws that criminals don't even pay any attention to.

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