Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy hysterical gun myths!

Spike TV has a show on DEA operations in Detroit, and this trailer on the agents weapons training made me laugh out loud. Sayeth one agent:
"traffickers here prefer a AK47 . . loaded with teflon tips which can penetrate almost anything."

Then he says that the AK47 rifle that he's holding is:
"this is America's new pistol."

Good grief. They let these guys handle weapons? Someone ought to point out to the DEA that the teflon-tip-bullets-pierce-body armor myth was debunked quite some time ago, and that maybe a little research into the matter would prevent one of your agents from sounding like a moron. Oh, and that rifles in general are rarely used in crime, much less the AK47, and that rifles should not be confused for pistols.
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