Sunday, July 6, 2008

Movie Guns XIII

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

After much mental debate, I decided to cover Terminator 2 for this week's post. Earlier this week, I came across a website called Internet Movie Firearms Database. This website covers guns from a great deal of movies, but I got a little overwhelmed and discouraged. The site is a good resource for data from movies, but I still think that I can offer something different. I will still continue my movie guns post as I think I offer a more in-depth perspective on the action involved.

Terminator 2 offers some exceptional gunfights, bad-ass weapons, and cutting edge special effects that revolutionized action movies.

Let's start.

The first bit I have is from the bar scene at the beginning of the movie. The Terminator is a model T800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he walks into a biker bar to look for clothes and weapons. When the bikers try to take him down, one of them pulls this big knife, and looking at the second picture shows it to be made of rubber:
Big Knife
Bendy Knife


One of the bikers demonstrates why you shouldn't carry your 1911 without a round in the chamber. His hands are burned and he struggles in vain to load the thing while the T800 closes in on him and takes the pistol away:
No Round In Chamber

Condition 1, cocked and locked is the way to go. Not that it would matter when facing a futuristic machine. The T800 chambers a round in the 1911 which looks like a Colt Delta Elite, but may not be judging by the hammer:
Colt 1911

Later on in the film, the T800 pulls the pistol on two guys in an alleyway and he racks the slide to chamber a round. Why can't anyone get this right?

The first firefight has the T800 squared up with an updated Terminator: the model T1000 played by Robert Patrick who is blazing away with a Beretta 92F. He executes a nice mag change in the middle of the fight, and you can see him reaching for a fresh mag right before slide lock in anticipation of going dry:
No Flinch
Beretta Mag Drop
Beretta Mag Change

I'm not sure if Robert Patrick is a shooter in real life, but his gun handling is top shelf. No flinching throughout the entire movie, which is fitting considering his role of a merciless killer.

The T800 is weilding a cut-down Winchester model 1887 that he stole from the bar owner at the beginning of the movie. The front of the trigger guard has been removed, the stock cut off leaving only the pistol grip, and the barrel has been shortened:
Winchester 1887

He uses this gun throughout the rest of the movie. Later, the T800 and John Conner (Patrick Furlong) spring Conner's mother, Sarah (Linda Hamilton) from a mental hospital. Sarah takes the T800's 1911 and starts letting some rounds go:
Colt 1911

While fleeing in the police car, John passes a magazine to Sarah that was taken from one of the guards at the hospital, and you can clearly see the crimped line running the length of the magazine indicating that it is either a 10mm/.40 S&W or a 9mm which is the indicator that the pistol could be a Delta Elite (10mm), although the hammer is definitely not correct. Also notice the smallish bore. Right before this frame was taken, she had just stuffed a fresh mag into the gun and dropped the slide before shooting seven rounds into the ceiling of the elevator (which would be deafening to the point of rupturing ears). Then she fired one round into the windshield of a police car for a total of eight rounds without coming to slidelock, so this gun can't be .45 ACP.

After the hospital breakout, Sarah pulls a bunch of bullets from the T800 that look pretty authentic; showing the rifling marks and expanded nose:
Real Bullets

When Sarah, John, and the T800 head over to a friends place in the dessert, the friend pops out with a Mossberg 590:
Mossberg 590

The friend is storing an arsenal of weapons in an underground bunker; like this M2 heavy machine gun flanked by a few AR's, AK's, shotguns:
Ma Duece

. . . and this M134 minigun:


After cleaning her Colt 629, Sarah is carving up a picnic table with a SOG Bowie knife:
Colt 629
SOG Bowie

Later, Sarah tries to assassinate the creator of the Terminators, Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton), with the Colt 629, which she curiously mounts a suppressor on even though it will not accept one with the 4.5" flash suppressor that is standard on the weapon:
Colt 629 Suppressed

Hollywood never does get them right.

After that scene, the T800, Sarah, John, and Dyson go to Cyberdyne Systems building to destroy the Terminator technology. When the police show up, the T800 destroys all of the police cars with the minigun:
M134 Firing

and then switches over to the M79 grenade launcher when the minigun runs dry:
M79 Load
M79 Blast

Speaking of running the minigun dry, the T800 fires an almost constant burst from it for 46 seconds, give or take a few. Given that the cyclic rate for the weapon is 4,000 rounds per minute would mean it's firing roughly 65 rounds a second, and if we multiply that times the 46 seconds we get almost 3,000 rounds fired! As for the M79; the 40mm grenades that the T800 is using to blow holes in walls would definitely not explode at such a close range as they have a fuse that doesn't arm until it is many yards away.

The cops respond back with the iconic Beretta 92F's and shotguns, and the H&K MP5 like this one fired by a SWAT officer with his eyes closed while not using the sights:

and this H&K MP5PDW by another SWAT officer inside the Cyberdyne building:

Sarah keeps SWAT's head down with fire from a Detonics 1911:
Detonics 1911
Detonics 1911 Firing

While leaving the Cyberdyne building, the T800 takes this MM1 grenade launcher from SWAT and starts putting CS gas grenades out into the yard to keep the cops down:

As they're fleeing from the building, the T1000 is firing from a helicopter with a H&K MP5PDW:
H&K MP5 Helo

Sarah fires back from the stolen SWAT van with a Colt 630:
Colt 629 Firing

Keep those eyes open!

The last gun featured in this post is a Remington 870 that has a folding stock and saddle for extra shot shells:
Remmy 870

Sarah blasts the T1000 with it multiple times, but it takes the T800 firing the M79 to finally drop it.

The nuclear detonation in this film is pretty realistic (from what I hear, not that I've been in one). The futuristic weapons used in the beginning of the movie fire what looks like lazers although they eject casings. Of note is that if someone would design a T1000-like reactive target, minus the intent to destroy humanity, that sucker would sell like crazy! Check this out: here we have Todd Jarrett shooting steel with his Para 1911:
Todd on range

Boring!! Now imagine how fast Todd could have unloaded that .45 if he was shooting the T1000:
Todd on range with T1000

See what I mean!

Good stuff


James R. Rummel said...

Good post.

Ha! spelled it correctly this time, not like my comment at the SWAT movie guns post!


Anonymous said...

i'm a bit of an amateur at guns, but the colts you mention look a lot like m4s/m16s

Anonymous said...

Don't feel threatened by IMFDB. I'm one of the main users on the site (I screencap a LOT more than most of the other user, but not to say they don't work just as hard) and I like how you go more in depth on the story. We have to sectionalize each gun, which cuts up the story. While sometimes you don't always get the guns right, your definately an excellent screencapper. I'm not sure if your interested but I'm working on T2 now (the page is abysmal right now) and want to make it look great. Cheers to your site, I check it almost as much as IMFDB.

Feel free to check out my work, I'm Gunmaster45 on the site (GM45 for short). My profile on the site has the list of every movie page I've made.

Cheers to guns!

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What a classic movie, when I saw this movie for first time I was a child, I was so impressed by the performance of the actors specially for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his paper as A T800 the Terminator a machine sending for future to protect Sarah Connor and her son John Connor, this movie have a great variety in weapon from small weapons to big weapons, without a doubt a classic that deserve be called "the greatest weapon movie".

Anonymous said...

I like the H&K MP5PDW and M79 Grenade Launcher
in this movie and also the Winchester Model 1887 too