Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That didn't take long

The DC council is piling up the regulations to make it as difficult as possible for gun owners in the district. This comes as no surprise; the DC council is just creating their power trip.
"I am not conceding that the requirement of the Supreme Court in terms of the trigger locks requirement that we make an open ended exception." - Mary Cheh
In case you missed that, she's telling the Supreme Court to piss off because they specifically said that the trigger lock requirement was unconstitutional. Then we have this:
"We are moving quickly to respond to the Supreme Court as well as to protect our regulatory scheme." - Phil Mendelson
Scheme being the key word.
With the corrupt members on that council, I'm surprised it even functions at all.

They just can't help meddling with this, can they?

More: Here's a written piece from NBC4 with another dose of stupid from Mary Cheh:
"I do believe that there are a wide array of things that we can do -- and should do --to, ultimately, as far as I'm concerned, to occupy every inch of space left to us by the Supreme Court's opinion."

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