Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie Guns XV

So I got one of those adapters that make my laptop work with these freakin European receptacles. Now I give you your weekly Movie Guns. Better late than never, right?

Now, there's a caveat. My laptop cannot do video capture, but my home PC can. I worked on capturing frames for four days and did not get to the end of the movie, so this week's post is not 100% complete, but it is close. The movie I decided to cover is Tears of the Sun. I found this movie to be quite believable, and it has plenty of guns; more than you might think.

Starting off we have this 1911 that a rebel leader uses to execute the Nigerian presidential family. There's not enough of it to get the make:

A team of Navy SEALs jumps in to recover an American doctor, Dr. Kendricks (Monica Bellucci), and the SEAL leader, Lt. Waters (Bruce Willis) is holding this Colt M4 with an Aimpoint optic:
M4 w/Aimpoint

Notice the tape on the bottom of the magazine which helps draw it out of his Load Bearing Vest (LBV).

As the SEALs prepare to leave the Cstholic mission with Dr. Kendricks, Lt. Waters leaves this Walther PPK with the priest who refuses to leave:
Walther PPK

The little Walther doesn't help the priest any, and these rebel troops barge into the mission carrying AK 47's and an RPG 7 that doesn't have a rocket:
RPG no rocket

Later, while the SEALs are moving a group of refugees to safety, one of them is seen with this M72 LAW in his back, and another is carrying a Remington 870 shotgun with shotshell saddles:
Remmy 870

The SEALs reach their extraction site where the SH60 Seahawks touch down to pick them up. One of them can be seen with M60 mounted at the door:
SH60 Seahawk

Toward the middle of the movie, the SEALs find a village where the local rebels are executing the people. They decide to intervene. Before the attack, one of the SEALs is holding a Sig P226:
Sig P220

As they crawl into possition, a AK 47 can be seen on the back of one of the SEALs:

Lt. Waters initiates the attack with a suppressed H&K Mk23 Mod0 pistol in what is probably the only documented use of one:
H&K MK23 Mod0

Here, 'Red' (Cole Hauser) is also using the H&K MK23:
Red's Mk23

as well as 'Link' (Johnny Messner), who fails to notice that his slide is out of battery:
MK23 out of battery

One of the refugees saves Lt. Waters life by blasting an attacking rebel with this SKS:

When the SEALs find out that one of the refugees is transmitting their possition, 'Flea' (Chad Smith) takes him out with a M21 wearing a Leupold MRT Mk4 scope:
M21 w/ Leupold 3x9 MK1

At the end of the film, the SEALs get into a firefight with the rebel forces, and Lt. Waters fires back with his M4 which doesn't have the lens covers on the Aimpoint flipped up:
Aimpoint closed

'Red' and 'Flea' are fighting with their M60 and M21:
M21 & M60

The rebels answer back with AK's and this RPG 7; this time with a rocket loaded:

The last weapon I managed to capture is this Colt M4 with M203 grenade launcher carried by 'Zee' (Eamonn Walker):
M4 w/ M203

That's it this week. If you like big firefights than this movie is for you. Bruce Willis plays a believable SEAL team commander, and his team carries an arsenal of weapons. Check back sometime and I may have an update. As for next week; it doesn't look good. If I can figure out how to capture images from film on this laptop I will be in business.


Anonymous said...

Good (and funny) review of tears of the sun:

Unknown said...

Very funny! The review about Behind Enemy Lines was spot on as well!

Unknown said...

Very funny! The review about Behind Enemy Lines was spot on as well!

mike's spot said...

wow just found your blog- really cool stuff. I thought the walther was a PA-63

the duo tone color and the way it sits make me think the thumbrest is making it lay funny.

really really cool blog.

Unknown said...

It is quite possible as it looks just like one.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Aimpoint mount on backwards in both captures.

Anonymous said...

in the 1st pic the M68 aimpoint look like it is on the rong way.
move makers do this all the time with Eotech's.

Anonymous said...

Flea had an M249 SPW, not an M60. Red had the 60.

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