Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Guns XVI

I thought this weekend was gonna be a bust, but here I am with a new Movie Guns on time for once! Next week looks even better as I have already pulled the frames from the film but have not identified all of the guns. I will tell you, next weeks Movie Guns post will be picture heavy with over thirty shots!

I really haven't had a whole lot of time this week since I'm nowhere near home, but gave this flick a once over watch because I haven't seen it since it came out. The film I picked for this week is US Marshals. There were some odd firearms in this one, as well as some cheesy lines from the actors. One DSS agent in the movie referred to Wesley Snipes' character, Warren, as former "Marine Corps Special Forces." The Special Forces are unique to the US Army, not the Marines. I know, splitting hairs. Let's start.

At the very beginning Chicago cops find this Kahr K9 in Warren's tow truck:
Kahr K9

Next, some Deputy US Marshals raid an apartment to bag some bad guys and one of the guns they find is this Sig P228 that the closest Marshal is holding in his left hand:
Sig P228

The other gun they find is this Mossberg 500 Cruiser that was hidden in a crib:
Mossberg 500 shorty

One bad guy runs towards the back door with a MAC 11, but the Marshals on the other side of the door convince him to stop without a fight:
MAC 11

Next, Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) gets on a prisoner transport plane and surrenders his Glock 22 which is wrapped in a Kydex paddle holster, and his Glock 27 which is riding in an ankle holster:
Glock 22 & 27

The plane is basically knocked out of the sky by a .22 caliber Zip Gun (somebody needs to tell Hollywood that this is unrealistic):
Zip Gun

Gerard is holding the pieces which he found on the plane after it went down. This particular one was made out of a pen, although they can be made in virtually any caliber with any material.

Once the plane is on the ground, the Marshals on the plane pass out Remington 870's which I originally thought were Mossbergs:
Remmy 870

Gerard is told that a DSS agent has been put on his team, after which he asks if the agent has a weapon. The agent responds "yes, a very big one," and Gerard tells him to "get rid of that nickel-plated sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock!" This of course is the most coveted line from any film for the aspiring Glock fanboy. The nickel-plated pistol in question was this Taurus 945; the latter without a serial number:
Taurus 945
Taurus 945 no serial

The local Sheriff has an unknown service sized revolver in this holster on his hip:
Unk Revolver

Does anyone have any idea what this beauty is?

While looking for Warren who is now a fugitive, a Kentucky State Policeman wields this scoped H&K MP5 from a helicopter:
H&K MP5 scoped

Warren captures the DSS agent with the nickel-plated sissy pistol and holds him at gunpoint with a Ruger SP101 that he took from a truck driver (who referred to it as a .38):
Ruger SP101

Warren finds his way to safety, and later, to a friends house who is keeping a stash of goodies for him. Warren opens a cigar box to reveal some cash, and this Colt Gold Cup in stainless steel:
Colt Gold Cup

He uses it to get the drop on a DSS agent while trying to clear his name:
Colt Gold Cup aimed

A firefight breaks out outside when a gunman starts blasting away with a scoped Coltish looking carbine which I can't completely identify. Here are a couple of shots, but I can't get a picture of the right side which would help narrow down the type:
Colt carbine
Colt M4 Suppressed

The gunman kills the DSS agent and then procedes to miss Warren at a range of about 25 feet:
Can't shoot

The rifle is suppressed which is odd considering the fireball that is seen coming out of the muzzle.

Here is a frame of one of the Marshals holding a Glock 22 with a very low grip, which in real life would make the gun very difficult to control:
Glock 22 bad grip

That frame is from the rooftop in the cemetary when the gunman with the Colt carbine was captured. Here's a shot of Gerard holding his Glock 22 a little better:
Glock 22

That's what I've got for this post. There aren't a whole lot of good shooting frames to be had in this movie, but it was definitely an exciting flick. One of the things that I noticed alot of was most of the handguns in this movie were carried crossdraw, especially by the Marshals. I don't know if that type of carry is true of US Deputy Marshals, if it's part of their SOP, or if it's because they use vehicles so much. Just a thought.


Doug said...

The revolver looks like a Colt O-frame revolver, just from the style of its grip.

It could either be a Trooper or a Python, in that case.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing the trooper, but there's not much to go by.

Anonymous said...

If this movie has the most coveted Glock quote, End of Days takes second place.

"Between your faith and my Glock 9mm, I take my Glock."

I had just screencapped End of Days for imfdb, feel free to check it. I recommend you watch it, it
s pretty good, brainless fun.

Anonymous said...

Not to split an already split hair, but the Marines do have special forces companies. United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance. Love your site. keep up the great work.

After the creation of Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) in August 11, 2006, it marked the United States Marine Corps's first time in history its commitment to the United States Special Operations Command.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Marine's do have "Special Operations Capable Forces" but the moniker Special Forces (or SF) belongs to the U.S. Army's Green Berets. Special Forces has become a loosely used term to describe the SEALs, PJs, Rangers, and Recon, but in truth, it belongs to none of them. Like the blog though. Keep up the good work.

U.S. Marines 05-Present