Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Attempted baby-knapping

Via Clayton Cramer's Civilian Self Defense Blog comes this story of a man who shot it out with three thugs at his own house when they tried to rob him of his child.
When the victim, 52, said he didn't have any cash, one robber said, "get the baby", according to Avondale Police Sergeant Memo Espinoza.
This sort of incident is what I fear most. As a father I am very cautious of my surroundings when I am with my daughter. If someone steals my car while I'm paying for gas; big deal. When my daughter is buckled into her car seat and I'm filling up my tank than any attempt to carjack will be treated as a life-or-death situation that requires use of lethal force. You can try me later.

I cannot imagine the feeling that would come with such a situation were I to be unarmed and defenseless. What are my options? Stand there and let them take my child? Die because I have no way to match the force that the criminals are displaying? Not a chance. It is my duty to protect my family, and I'll be damned if I'm going to stand there empty handed while someone has their way with my kid.

And it is flat-out criminal to tell me that I do not have the option to protect myself with the proper equipment to deal with this type of situation.

What is the proper equipment? I'm a firm believer in Col. Jeff Cooper's Combat Mindset - plan A. Call me a coward, but I will avoid confrontation if possible to include someone shouting obscene things at myself or family. I don't care. I am also a firm believer in Plan's B and/or C. Anything worth carrying one of is worth carrying two of. I am a believer in having some sort of knife at all times. At all times. Those that know me are aware that if I'm not stark strip naked then I have a knife on me. It is a tool, and one that can, on occasion, be used as a weapon. You can bet your ass that if I'm armed only with a knife and you try to take my kid, than your gonna think someone hurled a 230 lb. running lawnmower at your head.

There is nothing "paranoid" about having a firearm to protect your family, no matter if you live in a "safe" area or not. Criminals look for such areas, and to be unprepared for such souls can be perilous. So be prepared.

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