Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't talk to me in that tone of voice

At Reagan National Airport a woman gets extra screening, verbally protests said screening, and gets a concussion from being slammed into a row of chairs and then a table by terrori . . .I mean . . . "security" for her tone. The reason for using such force:
According to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Kassner was not cooperating with screening procedures and interfered with the screening process. She was charged with obstruction of justice.

How is that obstruction of justice? I guess by "justice" they mean that she wasn't happy being assaulted from behind by a state funded thug. Sure, I can see that. The "interfering with the screening process" charge is just something they tack on to get more money out of you. I know plenty about this stupid charge.

It's such a goat rope to fly anymore that I avoid it at all costs, but unfortunately I'm in the wrong job for that. These morons that run our transportation security couldn't catch a cold, much less a terrorist. Do you reckon that they have even seen one? Still, you give them a crime fighting tool and suddenly everything looks like a nail; including this woman.

Why do we put up with this sort of behaviour?

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