Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Defenseless DC claims more victims

This article has several stories from one night in DC which had seven shootings and one stabbing, with four fatalities. The one that I most want to point out is the first:
According to police and witnesses, Clark went to his wife's defense, and the man in Cadillac pulled out a gun and shot Clark. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
There are more effective ways to protect your wife from a gunman, but unfortunately DC prohibits it, and are going well out of their way to ensure that you can't protect yourself in your own home. I'm not saying that it's any guarantee, or that him or his wife would even be carrying, or even want to, but they sure didn't have the option, and who was the only one there who was armed? The criminal. Where were the cops? They had no idea that a crime was even going down, so there is no way they could have even stopped it in the first place. And the "shot spotter" systems that DC has so gleefully purchased only tells the police after the shots have been fired, which doesn't help our victims much.

The second story is a man and wife who were tied up and executed in their home. Again, having a firearm in the home does not guarantee your safety, but it surely wouldn't have hurt these two. They may have wanted a gun for protection, but DC is still trying to ensure that it's not a possibility or that it's too much of a burden. To think that they may have been tuned off of the idea because DC is blocking their way is what bothers me the most.

Now DC will save the day by doing another one of their useless blockades or police state tactics, and then rambling about how they need to "get guns off the street."


Anonymous said...

Oh, the DC Shot Spotter system makes it easy for the street sweepers to pick up dead bodies. In the bad old days, they had to follow the vultures.
Jerry in Detroit

Unknown said...

I've heard of them in Iraq. I'm sure they are just dandy, but DC Metro and Mayor Fenty are buying them up like they actually prevent crime or something.

It's a wonder how they justify their gun ban when they've bought 200 of these systems designed to find the source of gunfire!