Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Guns XIV

I am actually going to get you a Movie Guns on time this week. I didn't plan on getting into another big post this week as my time is spread very thin, but here it is. This week's Movie Guns is on the movie SWAT. There are so many guns in this movie it makes my head spin, and there were many that I couldn't get a good shot of.

There were some mistakes, but for the most part everything was realistic. The actors had to have received a good deal of firearms training, as there are plenty of indicators of it such as when the SWAT officers reload the Kimber pistols they bring them up to eye level and do their magazine change. Some of the scenes were a little over the top, but that makes for great entertainment.

Let's start. The opening scene is based on the North Hollywood Shootout; so much so that some of the scenes are actual footage of the event. One of the bad guys (BGs) outside is arbitrarily firing an AK 47 with a drum magazine:
AK47 w/drum

He is wearing a PASGT vest with multiple Kevlar panels taped to his extremities, and he manages to gun down a police officer when he breaks cover for no aparent reason. For some reason the Los Angeles SWAT can't bring him down with automatic gunfire because of all the "armor," but someone didn't tell Hollywood that centerfire rifle rounds like the ones fired by the SWAT officers would penetrate that vest like it wasn't even there. I would know. Look close and you can see the strikes on the back of the vest:
PASGT armor

Another BG has a AK 47 with underfolder stock:
AK47 underfolder

A third BG has a pistol that I haven't been able to identify. I've seen it before, but I can't put my finger on it. Here are two pictures:
Unk pistol

SWAT responds with the worst air assault ever. Then they breach the roof and enter the building:

Most of them are carrying Colt M4's with ACOGS mounted on the carry handle. I don't know why they would need a 4 power optic when they operate in a city. Personally, I would opt for the EOTech or Aimpoint, but what do I know. Here is Street's (Collin Farrell) weapon:
Colt M4 w/ACOG

The fourth BG is taken out first by a sniper with this Remington 700 sporting a Leupold 3x9 Mk4:
Remington 700 w/ Leupold 3x9MK4

Next we have the SWAT officers enjoying a little range time. Hondo (Samuel L. Jackson) is seen here firing the issue Kimber TLE 1911 with Surefire 610 light:
Kimber TLE

McCabe (Josh Charles) is firing the same pistol at steel poppers when his gun stovepipes:
Kimber TLE fire
Kimber TLE stovepiped

Despite the stovepipe he clearly "fires" the gun about four more times by squeezing the trigger. Street gives the poppers a go with his Kimber, and when he does a reload he uses this cup-and-saucer hold that makes the pistol recoil harder than it normally does:
Poor grip

Later, the film switches to SWAT officers in training, and the cops are shooting at a 2x4 covered with playing cards at a distance of about 800 yards. Why they're shooting at that range is questionable, but Street, as well as the others, are shooting this Remington 700 with Leupold 3x9 MK2:
Remington 700 w/ Leupold 3x9MK2

Afterwords, they have to assault a commercial plane and take control from other cops posing as bad guys. One officer fires a line over the front of the plane with this Mossberg 500:
Mossberg 500 harpoon

The story switches to international billionaire criminal Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez) who is taken into custody. He offers 100 million dollars to anyone who can spring him out of jail and get him home, which brings out all sorts of BGs who think they're up to the task. The first BGs who try to get him free pose as LA cops and bust him out of a police bus, and one of them takes out the two cops on the bus with the cliche Beretta 92F that is wearing a suppressor:
Beretta 92F suppressed

Notice that he is not even trying to look at the sights as his eyes are closed. We have seen this actor doing this before (Domenick Lombardozzi) in Miami Vice which I covered in Movie Guns VIII.

His partner pulls out a Intratec TEC-9 and cuts loose:
Intratec TEC 9

Hondo and Street take him out with the Kimbers:
Side by side Kimbers

Notice the brass in the air from Street's weapon. When SWAT attempts to move Montel to a secure location, the helicopter that they are getting ready to load in gets shot down by Street's old partner, Gamble (Jeremy Renner). Gamble uses this suppressed 50 BMG sniper rifle which looks to me like a Accuracy International AW frame, although AI makes a 50 BMG rifle: the AI AW50F, but that is not this weapon:
50 BMG rounds

The rifle also looks like it's wearing a Bushnell Elite 6-24x50 4200 scope judging by the turrets, but the ocular lens housing looks like a Super Sniper. Sorry, I'm a gun dork.

Anyways, Deke (LL Cool J) has this Remington 870 all decked out with Surefire light and two shotshell saddles. I couldn't get a shot of him shooting it:
Remington 870 Tactical

Later, a large gang tries to take out the convoy of cops that are escorting Montel on the ground. The ambush is initiated by this guy with a H&K MP5PDW firing with his eyes closed:

One of the BGs jumps out of the back of a truck and throws a smoke grenade while carrying this Ruger Mini 14 with folding stock:
Ruger Mini14

Another BG has this chrome AK 47:
Chrome AK47

SWAT guns down this guy who has a MAC 11:
MAC 11

Most of the other BG's are carrying AK's, but one of them is firing down into the convoy from the building above with a M72 LAW:

Later, Gamble manages to spring Montel from police custody and he is then chased by SWAT. When they get close to him, Gamble places this M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine to take them out:
M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel mine

Street finds the mine and moves it to breach an iron gate by shooting it with his Kimber. In the really real world firing a handgun at a Claymore would not set it off because it uses C4 as the explosive. You can shoot C4 all day and it wouldn't explode.

During the final shootout, Sanchez (Michelle Rodriguez) is blazing away with this H&K MP5:

Her eyes are closed and she doesn't use the sights, but she fires it well.

The last gun that I found is this Sig P220 with some sort of compensator that Gamble carries:
Sig P220 Comped

That's it for this weeks post. Some of the movie is a little far fetched, but the shootouts are still good-to-go. Check it out sometime. Also, something I have not mentioned, you can click on the pictures to make them larger which will take you into Photobucket. Every now and then I will have some extra pictures in there that I didn't get posted.


James R. Rummel said...

Goos post.


James R. Rummel said...

Dammit! That last should read "Good post", not "Goos post"!

Does this mean I lose my standing as a blogger?


Anonymous said...

That mystery pistol at the begining is a Browning BDA.

Unknown said...

I had given the Browning a thought when I first did the post, but I'm not sold on it. I've been trying to clear up the first picture some because it looks like the HP varient of the BDA, but the muzzle doesn't match.

Unknown said...

Mmmkay, I checked out the BDA on your site and it's a match. I've never seen one that looks like that. Good eye. . .again.

Unknown said...


GM45 said...

While AK-47 is the typical term for all variants, the guns they are using are AKM assault rifles.

And during the NHS, the two guys were wearing custom body armor with extra protection at major arteries and organs. Maybe these guys are wearing them too. Keep in mind each guy during the NHS got wounded at least 10 times and just sucked it up. I guess these guys did too.

Anonymous said...

The ACOGs on the M14s could just be Red Dot scopes, the actual ones, not the reflex variety.

Anonymous said...

The mystery gun i suppose could be a browning, but also looks like a daewoo.

Gunmaster45 said...

BTW, I meant Browning BDM, not Browning BDA. You'll see the BDM matches far better, while the BDA is a compact .380 ACP, and I mixed up the named by accident.

"The rifle also looks like it's wearing a Bushnell Elite 6-24x50 4200 scope judging by the turrets, but the ocular lens housing looks like a Super Sniper. Sorry, I'm a gun dork."

You do realize we wouldn't be reading this if we weren't gun dorks too, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

"The ACOGs on the M14s could just be Red Dot scopes, the actual ones, not the reflex variety."

On the M4's that would be :-).

Trijicon produce both red-dots and reflex sights. An ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is neither...technically. They range from 1.5 - 6 power, so they could well be using a lower powered sight.

Also, the mystery sniper rifle is in fact a McMillan M88...very similar to the TAC50.

As well as this, your original thought of it being an AI rifle could well have been sort-of-true. Accuracy International produce chassis to fit different actions, such as the Remington M700 for example, as well as many other rifles. It could have been a custom.

The modified shottie used firing the rapelling rope is also a 590, not a 500...i hate nitpicking but hey.

And finally, Gamble's sig is a SIGP220 Sport

And i'm going to hide in a corner for the feeling of being embaressed about knowing too much gun stuff :-p

edit: just found this site...actually makes me feel better knowing someone else knows this too :-)

Anonymous said...

The kimber would be a TLE/RL II i believe.

Cialis Online said...

I hate this kind of movies so much because I hate people who loves guns!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The pistol you cannot identify should be sth like a HK USP.

Also, the lights on the Kimbers are Surefire 310R. A 610R has a longer tubing ;)