Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CCW in 7 eleven kills robber

Again, from Kansas City. I told you I got the feeling that they don't play nice with scumbags.

Two clerks were in the store; one was in uniform and the other was not. The plainclothes clerk had a gun and a concealed carry permit.

According to authorities, an 18-year-old male walked into the 7-Eleven and attempted to rob the store. He was then shot in the neck by the clerk.

I can only hope that the next 7-eleven that I visit, the cashier will be so prepared. There are those who would, for some odd reason, be scared of a convenience store clerk being armed. I would expect nothing less than an employee at a business exercising his or her choice of being armed. To expect otherwise is insane.

The employee got to keep his life, now let's hope he gets to keep his job. Firing him will only make me boycott the franchise.

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