Sunday, September 14, 2008

Movie Guns XXIII

Back to back Movie Guns! I pulled these frames last week and had most of this post already in the bag. Next week looks good too as long as I can get on the internet. I hope you don't mind the new format, I will switch back to the old one when I'm able to use my home PC.

I found this movie at another PX in North Carolina and thought it would make a short clean post. The movie is Assault on Precinct 13. There are not as many types of guns as I originally anticipated, but there are still some good shots. The gunhandling is just awful, as is the realism, but there are some things that make this an interesting shoot em' up action flick. The movie is filmed almost entirely in the dark, so I had to lighten up a picture or two to get an idea of what type of gun was there.

The movie starts with a narcotics buy in an apartment by undercover cop Roenick (Ethan Hawke). The deal goes bad and one of the BGs pulls a Beretta Inox and starts blasting away:
Beretta Inox

Another undercover cop goes for a Beretta 92F that was hidden behind a stereo:
Beretta 92F

Roenick pulls a double stack 1911 from under a couch cushion. The hammer is back, which is unusual for a movie to portray a 1911 accurately, but I wonder why none of the cops had the guns on them.
Unk Doublestack 1911
I have scoured the internet for the make of this pistol and come up empty. There are not too many makers of double stack 1911s, and this one does not match any of them. It is not a Para Ordnance as they are clearly marked on the sides and do not have 90 degree vertical slide serations on the front and back. That's what will give the make away. It looks to be entirely stainless, and in some later pictures on this post it has no sights.

Continuing on, a third cop chases a BG outside with her Beretta 92F firmly in hand. This would be the best grip pictured throughout the rest of the movie:
Nice grip

The movie fast forwards about eight months after the above incident. The next scene is of some crooked cop sitting down next to Marion Bishop (Lawrence Fishburne) in a church. He pulls this little Para Ordnance Carry LDA 1911 on Bishop:
Para Carry LDA 1911

Bishop kills him with a knife that I couldn't get a picture of, and then goes outside where one of his minions with a Beretta Inox engages two under cover cops who are shooting Beretta 92Fs:
Another Inox
Two Beretta 92s

Bishop runs back into the church and shoots his two tone Sig P226 into the air to cause a distraction:
Sig P226

The next scene is in an old Detroit precinct that is getting shut down. Sgt. Jasper (Brian Dennehy) picks up a Thompson submachine gun from the evidence room and points it at Roenick's face and says "you'll never take me alive G-man!!" breaking all four safety rules at the same time. Nice.
Thompson SMG
Rules 1 through 4

After Bishop's arrest at the church, we see him being transported from one jail to another. The guard behind him has a Mossberg 500 Persuader, and the guard driving the bus has a Remington 870 Express:
Mossberg 500 Persuader
Remington 870

The next scene has us back in precinct 13 where Roenick and Jasper, as well as some other folks, are partying for New Year's. There is a huge snowstorm outside, so the prison bus transporting Bishop and some other prisoners pulls over to wait the storm out at the precinct. What turns out to be dirty cops try to infiltrate the precinct and kill Bishop; the first wave being these two masked men with suppressed Beretta 92s:
Suppressed Beretta

After they are repelled back outside, Jasper blasts away indiscriminately with his issue Beretta 92F:
Blasting with Beretta

We get another look at Roenick's 1911 when he goes outside to engage the BGs:
Unk Doublestack 1911 dark
Who makes this 1911?

And again when Roenick starts firing out the window. There are some grasping lines that run down the middle of the front strap. Notice that there are no sights, and that the hammer is down the whole time he's firing; indicating that the muzzle flashes were added after the scene was filmed:
No sights firing
Hammer down
Firing hammer down

The dirty cops respond back with a 40mm flashbang fired from a M203 grenade launcher mounted under a Colt M4, and one with a H&K MP5SD:
Loading M203

One of the dirty cops gets killed inside the precinct, and Roenick snags his Sig SG551 rifle with Aimpoint M68 and what looks like a Surefire M6 combat light. Click on it and the picture will be a little lighter:
Sig SG551

Here is one of the dirty cops who looks like a mall ninja:
Mall Ninja
These guys sneak up all quiet to the outside of the building, and then all of a sudden jack the slide on their shotguns, or they pull back the charging handle on their rifle. Way to go.

On the rooftops there are snipers posted with Accuracy International AWP (Arctic Weather Police) rifles in .308 Winchester. They bolt a round into the breach to emphasize that they mean business (chuckles):

Inside you can see the non-tactical lasers from the weapons of the dirty cops, despite the fact that having such conspicuous things on your weapon is foolish, not to mention that weapon mounted lasers don't really look like that unless you are looking at the beam through night vision:
Conspicuous laser beams

Speaking of which, we have the uber tactical view from the NODs, which really don't have the little useless numbers all over the screen:
Uber Tac NODs

Roenick releases the prisoners to help defend the building from the dirty cops. Bishop has a Sig SG551 that is missing the trigger guard, and he also doesn't bother to flip open the covers on the Aimpoint M68:
No trigger guard
Aimpoint cover closed

But Bishop gets cool points for acquiring the SG551 by killing one of the mall ninjas with two well placed Molotov Cocktails:
Molotov Cocktail


Another one of the prisoners fires the Tompson SMG without using cover, and without hitting a damn thing:
No cover

The dirty cops breach a window with a lump of modeling clay that's supposed to be C4:
Modeling clay

Roenick and Bishop set the place on fire to cover their getaway, and at the last minute shoot it out with four mall ninjas; three of which are wearing M40 Field Protective Masks. I guess the fourth cop forgot his. Nither Bishop nor Roenick hit anything with the sixty rounds that they expend:
No aiming
M40 FPMs

At the end we get a third glimpse of Roenick's 1911 in this cup-and-saucer grip. The reason I always bash this grip is because the support hand only helps carry the weight of the gun, and does nothing to help control aiming or recoil. He might as well hold it one handed:
Bad grip

The last picture I have is of a flashbang grenade that looks like it was made out of plumbing parts from Home Depot, which makes sense considering it pretty much blows Jasper to pieces:
Home Depot flashbang

I was not as impressed with this movie as I was when it first came out. Defending against a siege by crooked cops is a cool theme from a movie, but I wish that more realism was spent on the firefights. There are some cool guns here, but hip firing weapons kinda ruined it for me. One thing I thought was interesting is that Roenick and the prisoners kept looking outside from the windows and observed the BGs moving about. Why they didn't take them out with well aimed fire is only apparent when you get done with the movie and realize that nobody bothered to use the sights, or even put the weapon to their shoulder.

Update: Roenick's 1911 is a Para Ordnance P14 Limited after all; just an older one. The ones on their website have 11 degree slide serrations, so I ruled them out.


Anonymous said...

It's actually a P-13 limited. Look at the page on IMFDB. The page has pictures of the armorer with the gun and you can see the gun reads P-13.

Gunmaster45 said...

(the full meaning of GM45)
The flashbang "made of plumping parts from Home Depot" is actually an M84 flash bang.

And BTW, the first sniper who chambers his AWP is Al Vrkljan, the armorer for the film. Note how he handles the gun like he knows how, with his finger off the trigger. He's known to play cameo roles in films, see his page on IMFDB for some more info on him.

Anonymous said...

The weapon that Hawke's character takes from the dead cop is the SIG 552 carbine, not the 551 rifle.

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