Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Activism in DC

Gun folk show up at the DC council to press for more rights:
Guns rights advocates at the hearing want to be allowed to carry guns outside the home, streamline the registration process and get rid of the ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
Here's the video clip.

And another.

And another. My goodness is Eleanor Holmes Norton a deceitful scumbag. Why do DC residents keep voting for this rock? And gun owners are "extremists" for suggesting that Democratic politicians are misleading, or just outright liars? She says that it's an "outrage against homerule" and that Congress "stooped very low" as they're trying to pull the rug out from underneath their sorry asses for making a mockery out of the Heller decision. Replace the gun issue with one of abortion rights and she would do an about-face and bitch about how you can't legislate a "right" away from locales, no matter how small. Double standard.

She seriously says that the legislation would ". . deprive the police of the right to make [firearm] regulations. . ." Seriously. Has she lost her freaking mind? Cops don't have rights, they have powers, and not the kind that allow them to regulate enumerated rights of citizens. Allowing minors to purchase AK47s? Allowing mental patients to purchase handguns? She must have bumped her head!! The sad thing is that she will be re-elected!!


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