Monday, September 8, 2008

More on technical difficulties

Toshiba sucks! This shitty computer can't even get out of it's own way. I officially can't open my comments on this blog because of this worthless piece of electronic excrement. I would write a nasty-gram to Toshiba, but my list of places that deserve a letter describing their complete and total incompetence is growing by the minute. Add Hertz rental cars to that list as well.

If I had money I would smash this thing right here, right now, and then reimburse my company for doing them a blessed favor by ridding this world of pure plastic trash.

The VLC Media Player immediately shuts down when I do the whole ctrl+alt+s thing, or use the snapshot tool. I get the error message too. I have a nasty suspicion that it's not any fault of the program. When I go to open comments on my own blog, another window pops up like it's supposed to but it doesn't connect to anything. Sometimes it has the wrong address. No, the fault lies in the bowels of this laptop made by Toshiba.

Throughout my life electronic stuff has failed me repeatedly. I would seem that I have an invisible force field around me that damages all devices such as this shit computer, and makes it go all stupid. Take today for example. I was at the ticket line at an airport and everything went weird. I was double charged for my check baggage, and then the nice lady's computer went haywire. Then two of the printers stopped working. I was at that counter for over a half an hour waiting on the pile of people who were all scratching their heads trying figure out what the problem was. I have shut down every register at Wal-Mart with the swipe of my credit card twice, and I wish I had a dollar every time some poor sap said "this has never happened before" while rebooting their cash register or work computer. For me computers are the most unreliable pieces of gear one can get.

All I ask for in life is that a product perform as it's supposed to, and not stop working because it's put together improperly, or because the design sucks. I now think of Toshiba as a company that produces a piss poor product. Their design sucks. Hertz rental cars is in the business of overbooking their cars. That kinda defeats the purpose of "reserving" a car now doesn't it? That means Hertz sucks. Avis and Budget rental cars are in the business of giving you the car that you didn't ask for. Nothing like "reserving" and SUV so you can safely and comfortably transport all of your people and gear, but instead wind up with an Aztec or PT cruiser. Avis and Budget rental car sucks.

It's not that hard folks, just give what is asked for or tell me you can't fulfil my request beforehand. Do you want me to do it for you? You should be ashamed.

Update: Apparently opening my email is just too much to ask from this PC because now Outlook is totally hosed up. Not only that, I can't open up two windows at the same time. It's a good thing I'm stuck with this for the next three weeks!

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mike's spot said...

don't be afraid to vent- let it all out there :)

Never used a Toshiba laptop but I won't now.

I booked a car through Avis once- and by accident went to enterprise. They actually drove me to avis to get my car. If I could have afforded it I would have canceled with Avis and used enterprise right then and there. they know how to treat people.

Here's to hoping shit starts going right for ya.