Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're the Only Ones who D.A.R.E. to run from the cops

". . . they say they found some marijuana on the scene. They say one of the men. . . one of the men . . bolted, ran out of the park, into the parking lot, got into his car, and. . .the chase was on."
That's showing em' how to make a power play while creating your own power trip!

What bothers me is that "Only One" DC Police Officer Henry Smallwood is given a taxpayer purchased gun to assert his authority on citizens of the District who are denied ownership of guns that they are willing to pay for out of their own pocket for purposes of their own defense. And just how many non-violent citizens has this hypocrite put away for smoking pot in his 18 years on the force? To think that this man is supposed to protect us when our lives are on the line.

"Today Officer Henry Smallwood had his police powers revoked. He's been placed on a non-contact status, and if convicted he's likely to be kicked off the force."
So he's free and walking the streets. How "likely" would it be for you or me to get off so light if we ran from the police and started a high speed chase through the capital of our nation? Then again, with the District's history of playing catch-and-release it's no surprise.

Many thanks to David over at The War on Guns for cross posting this.

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