Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DC Council approves loosening gun restrictions

The DC Council approved some measures that would reduce the restrictions on handgun ownership in the home. Among them are semi-autos are now allowed, but there is a 10 round magazine restriction; guns do not need to be unloaded and/or disassembled; safe storage is recommended policy, but is not law; one gun a month is allowed for registry; and finally, 5 years in prison if a minor is hurt or killed with a registered firearm.

It's a good start. I don't think that the District gives two shits one way or another about being rational in all of this, but I do think this is a knee-jerk reaction to Congress going above their heads. If they hadn't screwed this up last time they wouldn't be in this situation. Personally, I wouldn't be satisfied until the council went door-to-door and apologized to every citizen living in the District for walking all over their rights for 32 years.

Watch the little video for some more info. -8 points for picturing evil ARs when the vote was to relax handgun restrictions, and +3 points for calling it a magazine instead of a "clip." Fair and balanced my ass.

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