Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chief Lanier is still clueless

Again from an alert by the VCDL on H.R. 6691:


11. House panel hears testimony on bill to ease DC gun laws

The DC police chief, showing her total lack of respect for the citizens of DC, says that if citizens are allowed to have guns, the presidential motorcades will be in danger!!

Unbelievable. She argues that it would make the job of the police harder. So, in her eyes, it is more convenient for the DC police if citizens would simply go around unarmed and die quietly, without a big fuss.

Thanks, Chief Lanier - but why don't you go first? Leave your gun, uniform, and police radio at home and wander around some of DC's more dicey neighborhoods at night by yourself armed only with a cell phone. If you are attacked and don't have a chance to use your cell phone or if your officers don't get there in time to save you, then DC gets a new Chief.

No fuss, no muss.

Chief Lanier represents the reason why we must always fight every bit of gun control everywhere. Give someone like Lanier any discretion when it comes to guns and she will show you what iron fisted tyranny is like.

There's an attached article from the NYT posted so you don't even have to go onto their website. Here's a few bites:

"Imagine how difficult it will be for law enforcement to safeguard the public, not to mention the president at the inaugural parade," Chief Lanier said at a hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

She added that on any given day there were motorcades for foreign dignitaries and untold numbers of federal workers traveling the city streets. "In attempted and successful assassinations around the world," she said "the first step in attacking a motorcade is frequently to take out the security detail with semiautomatic and automatic firearms."

And just to remind you what a clueless bag Eleanor Holmes Norton is:

However, Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, the district's delegate to Congress, said the bill was an affront to Washington's right to govern itself.

"The palpable risk that this bill poses to the public safety of our residents is deliberately lost on the N.R.A. and the Democratic and Republican sponsors of their bill," said Ms. Norton, a Democrat. "But, I doubt that carrying loaded AK-47s or .50-caliber sniper assault weapons openly in cars or in person will go down well with federal law enforcement and security officials in this city, where two presidents have been killed with handguns."

Um, yeah. This is about owning handguns in your house, not carrying rifles throughout the capitol. We'll work on that later. Nice try.

By the way, I definitely recommend signing up for the VCDL's alerts even if you're not a Virginia resident. They stay current on national issues as well. Click here to register (free).

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