Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tales of violence

Some crazy stuff this morning. First we have a threat making home intruder with a golf club shot by the homeowner. He fired five rounds and connected with three in lawful self defense.
"This is a country town out here," said Lydia Kettle, Wilhelm's former high school classmate. "If somebody takes your horse, you're going to get shot. It's a pretty big deal. A lot of people have guns."
A fair warning to all scumbags in Bastrop county.

In Florida a woman shoots a car thief in another case of lawful self defense.
A physical confrontation erupted between one of the suspects and the man. That’s when police say his girlfriend went and got a gun, and fired several shots at the suspect, hitting him in the upper torso. The suspect left the scene.
. . .without the woman's car. Good to go.

This next case of lawful defense of property is a form of unorthodox and non lethal intervention that I don't recommend, but is highly entertaining. The cops had to have laughed at that kid, but who got the task of taking him to jail?

The last story is a fascinating story of a cop who shot it out with a scumbag teen and won. Good for him. He received multiple gunshots for his troubles, but there is some interesting parts about this story. First is that Tasers can jam just like anything else. Second is that gunshots are not like in Hollywood, and they definitely don't knock you back. Third is that learning to shoot one handed is an imperative skill set for anyone who routinely carries a firearm for self defense.

"I look up and I can see the suspect continuing to shoot at me and walking,'" Reston said.

After that, the officer said he began shooting for his life and that he was trying to get to his feet when Abner came toward him again.

Scary. Good thing the cop came out of it in one piece. He will no doubt be even more of an asset to his department after having survived that.

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