Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicago style gun safety

Not that I'm surprised:
Chicago has had 322 murders through August 21, or 42 more than the number committed through the same date last year. Also, police have received 10,000 more calls from people about shots being fired, and the number of calls about gang disturbances has jumped by nearly 4,000, according to the department documents.

Emphasis added. 10K more calls than last year over gunfire, in a city that's all "Gun Free" and all. Perfect! I reckon the solution is to make guns illegaler for gang members.

It's a good thing they have all of those strict gun laws and signs, because then gangbangers may start to get bold!

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Haji said...

That's amazing. Those numbers would be startling in and of themselves, but those aren't the numbers. They're the difference between the previous year and current year! That's mind blowing. I'm never going to Chicago.