Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How could they kill without guns?

Too bad this woman died a needless death. No doubt she would have had a chance if she had been armed, or at least had the option, but California doesn't allow it because she's not professional enough to know when her life is at stake, nor does she have the ninja skills needed to wield such a small portable device. If only she were a well connected anti-gun celebrity, then all of that wouldn't matter.

My main question is how is it that two scumbags could rob and kill with such little effort when all they're armed with is knives? Such instruments are so 19th century; everyone knows that guns are the only tools these days that give an individual power over another. Then again, if Roshni Singh had had a gun then her attackers would have just taken it away, right? Don't criminals study disarming techniques and pistol skills at the same secret gun training facilities that cops do?

How is it, again, that those gun laws are helping? Disarming your citizens should be a crime.

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