Monday, September 22, 2008

Movie Guns XXIV

Greetings from South East Asia. My timezone is way different than the states right now, so technically I'm only a few hours late.

The film for this weeks Movie Guns is Exit Wounds. I was watching this one the other day and thought it would make a good post. There is some good ol' 1911 gunplay in it, as well as some far fetched over-the-top action. Of course I have picked out the inaccurate details for your viewing pleasure, and I even have an anti-gun quote for you.

Here is the title shot with the vice president speaking out about gun violence in Detroit, where the movie takes place. Doesn't he look like Mitt Romney?
Mitt Romney
Here is his anti-gun rhetoric:

"Ladies and gentleman, it's a pleasure for me to be here on such a beautiful day. . .in the great city of Detroit. And I'd love to tell you all. . . to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourselves. I'd love to, but unfortunately I can't do that. There's a very serious issue that's spiraling out of control in this country. . . illegal handguns ending up in the hands of our children. But instead of reading off a bunch of statistics you might not already know. . . that last year more preschoolers died from guns that police officers. . . or that gunshot wounds are the 2nd leading cause of death for all people in the U.S. ages 10 - 34."

". . .that could have been any one of your children. I hope that you would consider my four year plan to get guns off the streets."

Are you sick yet? I know this sounds familiar, and just so you know, 51 police officers were shot to death nationally in 2000, the year of which this fictional Mitt Romney speakswhich not a big number in the scheme of things, and I don't see firearm fatalities anywhere in the top 15 deaths for 2000. I don't have a secure connection right now, so I can't access the WISQARS tool to comletely debunk his "10 - 34" junk.

Now, back to the guns.

A group of BGs, later to be called a "Michigan militant group," tries to take out the vice presidential motorcade. Several of the BGs are dressed like cops, and one of them is shooting with this high dollar Skorpion Vz61:
Skorpion Vz 61

Another BG jumps out of an ice cream truck and pulls two Glock 18s out and kills two real cops. To think that he had the money to buy those pricey guns, but not enough for some holsters:
Twin Glock 18s
Twin Glock 18s
Note the silly gangster style hold, the flinching, and the fact that he could have done the exact same thing with a five shot revolver. Just an observation.

Our hero, detective Boyd (Steven Segal), pulls up in his El Camino and shoots the twin Glock BG with his short slide 1911:

Some of the BGs are in a helicopter, and a door gunner is firing down with a M60:
Helo gunner

The secret service is firing with H&K MP5PDWs, and they can't seem to hit that door gunner despite the low loiter of the helo. Strange:

The other BGs dressed as cops are firing with Glock 18s while using their motorcycles as cover:
Glock 18 fire
It looks like he's using the sights.

Boyd kills all of the BGs on the ground using his ninja tactics, the ice cream truck, his 1911 and the Mozambique Drill, use of BG as human shield, and a Micro Uzi that morphs into a Glock 18:
Micro Uzi

He then turns his focus on the helo, which he seems to be able to take out with his 1911 that morphed from the Glock 18 that morphed from the Micro Uzi that he took from a BG and miraculously fires in automatic bursts. The helo blows up, and you can see daylight through the bullet holes in the smiley face that is made of wood.

Next up we have a street fight with a bunch of punks when they try to steal Boyds truck. One of the punks pulls up his shirt to reveal a nickel plated S&W Model 36:
S&W Model 36

Another punk has a CCC Balisong that, for some reason, is carried open and tucked in his belt. Boyd taketh away:
CCC Bali in belt
Segal taketh away

Then another punk puts a S&W Model 686 to Boyd's head, and at the moment he pulls the trigger Boyd does a secret ninja kick and disarms the hoodlum:
S&W Model 686

Boyd goes out that night and finds some strange activity. He notices a guy named T.K. (Anthony Anderson) using some super tactical night vision binos that even record video and audio!:
Tactical Binos

Boyd goes in and gets into a fight with an undercover cop. He disarms him with some strategically thrown judo pipes that knock this unknown pistol out of his hand:
Unk pistol

Later on, Boyd is checking out a building that turns out is being robbed. I got some close ups of his unknown make 1911, and during this scene he fires thirteen rounds without a relaod:
1911 Close
Segal's short slide 1911
Mag change
It's well known that Steven Segal is a 1911 guy. I believe he is an avid collector. His gunhandling skills are pretty good and he keeps his finger off the trigger, for the most part.

Moving on, we have Boyd and his new partner, Clark (Isaiah Washington) going into a club to investigate a guy named Walker (DMX), and Boyd ends up on another fist fight, while Clark gets into a standoff with Walker in the back alley. Clark holds Walker with a Glock 17, and tries to take his compensated and stainless Sig P220 from his waistband. Again, why the expensive hardware and no holster? The two get into a scuffle and end up with the other's gun:
Glock 17

Here's a closer look at that Sig:
Walker's Comped Sig P220
Comped Sig P220

Boyd finds out that there are a bunch of dirty cops on the force, so he goes to the rooftop of a garage to tell his captain. The dirty cops try to take them out with some more spendy hardware, like this H&K G36K:
H&K G36
Way to not use that $1k+ optic! He hits the car but not Boyd or the captain.

Another dirty cop uses this unknown shotgun to somehow blow up cars, but not the one he's aiming at. Again, damnit, use the sights:
Unk shotty

The same cop then misses repeatedly with a stainless Desert Eagle, and right after that another cop blasts at Boyd and the captain with a Remington 870 with the buttstock dangerously mounted on his ribcage:
Desert Eagle
No Good

Now the cop with the 870 pulls a Glock 17, fires it a few times from a cup-and-suacer grip, and then the Glock changes to a H&K USP:
Poor grip

We knew the cops were dirty because Walker met with one of them to buy a large shipment of drugs, and during the conversation puts a Beretta Inox to his neck:
Beretta Inox

The whole thing comes down to a huge firefight at the end. Boyd gets ready at his house where he has a box of guns laid out on his living room floor. You can see his 1911 with several loaded mags, a H&K USC, and a glimpse of a H&K SL8:

Something I caught that made me laugh is Boyds shadow box with his "ode to me" stuff in it. You can see that he was in the US Army by the Master Sergeant rank insignia, as well as all of the medals and such, but what got me is that the two shooting badges are Marine Corps Marksman and Sharpshooter badges, not Army ones. Ooops:
USMC Badges

I can't remember who's trunk this is, but it has a Benelli Super 90 in it, which is seen in the hands of Walker during the fight:
Benelli Super 90
Walkers Super 90

It can't be a gun movie without a Beretta 92F in it, and here we have two:
Beretta 92F
Chrome Beretta 92F

There are a few AR15's of unknown make in this fight. Here's a couple:
Shorty AR

There's another guy firing a H&K G36K while not using either one of the optics that are standard on the rifle:
Idiot and his G36

One of the BGs has a Remington 870 with a folding stock that looks like it was borrowed from a Franchi:
Remington 870 folder

This gunfight has it all folks, even a Ruger MP9, a Sig 228, and Clark's Sig P226:
Ruger MP9
Sig P228
Sig P226

We even have Boyd and Sgt. Usseldinger (Matthew Taylor) fighting ninja style with fabric cutting blades that are weilded like swords! Usseldinger even does a flip for you!

If cops can do back flips while sword fighting, then they're more than professional enough to handle a firearm! That's why they're "Only Ones!"

That's it for today folks. Despite some of the outrageous stuff in this movie, it's a good flick. It includes a vast variety of blasty hardware, and some bigtime gunfights to go with it.

Update: Boyd's 1911 is a Colt 1991A1 Compact in blued steel.


Anonymous said...

Cool post, as ever, but you’ve missed out when Seagal takes a round from a BGs chromed Desert Eagle. And more Seagal movies soon please – how about Under Siege 2?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that "Remington 870 with the stock borrowed from a Franchi" is actually a Franchi PA8.

Erich said...

the point where you mention the 686, its actually a s&w 625-3 in 45acp, you can tell that it is this model by the stainless hammer and triger plus the lack of the ils, also note the length of the cylinder