Friday, September 26, 2008

Reason #2,174 why carry permits are stupid

Because some arrogant individual who wears a shiny brass thing on his shoulder can taketh your permit away, and thus deprive you of your right which you shouldn't need to ask permission for in the first place.

The basis for the whole "issue authority" of these little pieces of paper that now "grant" you your right stands on the believe that because the Sheriff carries a service sidearm that is bought and paid for by the citizens of his county, that somehow he or she is super knowledgeable in everyone's ability to carry one. Cops qualify with them annually, doncha know?

As a friend of mine once pointed out long ago, Sheriffs should be out saving people from trouble, not regulating people's rights.

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Haji said...

Not to mention that the further you get away from the street patrol officers, the worse the officers in question tend to be able to shoot.

We have a similar conundrum where I live in regards to signing Form 4's. The LEO's in this area don't wanna sign 'em, apparently, so it appears that they don't. In TN they allegedly have a law that says the CLEO has to sign within a certain amount of time if there's no reason not to. KY doesn't have that (nor do a lot of other places, apparently) so most seem to get done as corporations or trusts. Citizens and LEO's should be working with each other, not against each other.