Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on the shooting spree in Washington

My past coverage here.

It seems that this guy is a bona fide nutcase. Here's a little more detail:

Family and friends says Zamora had been admitted several times to hospitals for mental health treatment and has attempted suicide.

He has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Zamora has a record of 50 court cases, including driving on a suspended license, drug possession, malicious mischief and theft.

He was released from jail a month ago after serving six months for cocaine possession.

Watching some of the news coverage on the side of the page shows that he started his criminal career as a teen. He has been convicted of three counts obstruction of a police officer, one felony theft, as well as several others, and was arrested for misdemeanor and felony assault - both of which were dropped.

He is both mentally ill and a felon, and was not legally allowed to own a firearm, but I'm sure that the gun grabbers are lamenting the tool that he used in his killing spree and saying nothing of the justice system that failed to put this madman behind bars. Also ignored will be the fact that the silly gunlaws were not obeyed by the psycho.

So how did he get ahold of a gun? He probably got it from one of his fellow addicts, or he could have stole it from someone who purchased it legally, which is of course more reason to take them away from you and I. Next they will probably try to take away kerosene and fertilizer.

Update: The Herald Net has an interesting tidbit:
Zamora was categorized by the state as a "high-risk, nonviolent" offender. That means he was at a risk to commit more crimes, but state officials didn't expect him to act violently.
More failure on the state government's part. Quick, somebody give them more control!!

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