Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Movie Guns XXII

Yay! I got this thing working! That means that I will have a Movie Guns for the next two weeks. The picture quality looks pretty good, but not as good as the frames that I can get on my home PC. I still can't open my comments, but the important thing is that I get this posted. Most of my site traffic comes from Google image searches such as "guns of Street Kings," and I enjoy covering a movie so that speculations on the guns a certain actor used can be fulfilled. Hell in a Handbasket gives me almost all of my referred hits, and for that I am most thankful.

This is a movie that I had originally intended on covering, but got mixed up and covered the sequel instead. This weeks Movie Guns is on the film Bad Boys. This is an excellent movie for folks who appreciate a good firearm, especially Smith and Wesson auto pistols, and until today I had no idea of some of the diverse weaponry involved. I'm sure that real cops who have seen this movie cringe at some of the stuff that is obviously bad policy. I sure hope that the sort of behaviour that is portrayed is totally fictional, but some of it may have slipped throught the cracks.

Straight from the top, we have a S&W Model 10 that is pointed at Detective Lowry (Will Smith) by a carjacking scumbag. The Scumbag's partner has a H&K USP Compact, and both of them get taken down for trying to steal a car from two cops:
S&W Model 10 Pictures, Images and Photos
H&K USP Compact Pictures, Images and Photos

Detective Burnette (Martin Lawrence) pulls his S&W 4506 on the larger of the two scumbags, and you can see the lack of familiarization with the weapon by looking at the huge gap between his hands and the top of the backstrap. Notice his strong hand and weak hand way down on the grip, which would make the gun kick like a mule:
S&W 4506 Pictures, Images and Photos

For fun I had to throw in the AN/PVS 7s Night Optical Device (NOD) that the BGs use at the beginning, with the uber tactical crosshairs and rangefinder that don't really exist:
AN/PVS 7 Pictures, Images and Photos
Uber Tactical NODs Pictures, Images and Photos
The green hue is pretty representitive of what the NODs look like, but without all of that red crap that you see here. What I thought was funny was that the BGs are being all tactical in the dark with their ninja outfits and night vision, and they use a blowtorch on the rooftop to get into the building. If you've ever seen a torch operated at night you would know that the only thing they could have done to be more conspicuous would be to have opened a casino up there with a ton of neon lights. Once inside they use liquid nitrogen instead of the torch, which makes one wonder what genious is running the operation.

Next we have Lowry stepping out of his Porche with a shoulder holster across his back and this Sig P232 in a Small of the Back holster:
Holstered SIG P232 Pictures, Images and Photos

Then we have a drug kingpin named Fouchet (Tchéky Karyo) who kills a prostitute with a chromed Beretta Cheetah with pearle grips before one of his minions kills an ex-cop with an unknown 1911 with a six inch barrel:
Beretta Cheetah Pictures, Images and Photos
Unk 1911 w 6" Barrel Pictures, Images and Photos
Unk 1911 firing Pictures, Images and Photos
It's supposed to look like a LAR Grizzly 1911, but it doesn't have the squared trigger guard.

When the cops show up at the scene of the murder, the Chief, who is played by Joe Pantoliano, is seen wearing this full sized Glock in a strong side leather belt holster, which is odd since a Chief usually wears something smaller:
Holstered Glock Pictures, Images and Photos

When Burnette goes to interview Julie Mott (Tea Leoni), who witnessed the murder of her harlot friend, the same murderous thugs who killed said harlot bust into the room and try to take them out. The scene was pretty dark, but I got a shot of this Franchi SPAS 12 and a S&W 5903 that the BGs were using:
Franchi SPAS 12 Pictures, Images and Photos
S&W 5903 Pictures, Images and Photos
The BG with the S&W has an awkward grip on the gun and decides to use a modified "cup-and-saucer" technique where he's almost holding his wrist.

Burnette fires back with a S&W 469 until it runs dry:
S&W Model 469 Pictures, Images and Photos
S&W 469 Slide Lock Pictures, Images and Photos

Back at Lowry's place, the two cops re-arm out of Lowry's little gun chest. You can see the stainless steel Walther PPKS, another S&W 5903, a S&W I can't completely identify, a Sig P226, as well as a couple open boxes of ammo:
Stainless S&W 5903 Pictures, Images and Photos
Walther PPKS Pictures, Images and Photos
This is the kind of thing that makes those who are unfamiliar with guns start to squirm when they hear of someone having ammunition numbered in the thousands. Rational folks know that a few hundred rounds can be fired during one afternoon, but those not in the know will see this movie and think that this ficticious cop has a ton of ammo because he's a cop. Look close and you can see the struck primers indicating that those rounds are just empty casings.

When our two esteemed cops go to a club to find a BG, one of them tries to take out Burnette in the bathroom with a Seki City folder that is pretty much a Spyderco Civilian:
Seki City/Spyderco Civilian Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm not a big fan of serrated blades as they are hard to sharpen, and I take pride in keeping my blades sharpened on a translucent Arkansas bench stone.

The fight spills out into the streets in the form of a car chase, and the BGs are in hot pursuit in a badass Camero while firing out the window with a pistol gripped Remington 870:
Short Remington 870 Pictures, Images and Photos
870 Firing Pictures, Images and Photos

After the BGs are handily dispatched, our two cops go to a small liquor store where the clerk pulls a Desert Eagle on them. There are two Desert Eagles behind the counter in leather holsters, and the gun on the left I can't identify. At first glance it looks like a S&W Model 945, but it is not judging by the length of the barrel. I can't get enough of the revolver to get a make and model:
Desert Eagles Pictures, Images and Photos
Freeze Motherbitches Pictures, Images and Photos

When Julie distracts the clerk, Lowry and Burnette get the drop on him:
Ooops Pictures, Images and Photos

Later on outside of Burnette's house, two fellow cops throw down on two BGs that have been staking out the Detective's family. One has a S&W auto that is probably a 5903, the other has the Beretta 92F that you have all been waiting for:
Unk S&W Auto Pictures, Images and Photos
Beretta 92F Pictures, Images and Photos

The next day, Lowry decides that intimidating a former smackhead might give him a lead on the case. He pulls his Sig P232 on the smackhead, and pulls his Sig P226 on Burnette, after which he puts both guns on the smackhead:
Stainless SIG P226 Pictures, Images and Photos
Bad Policy Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm not at all naive, but I sincerely hope that cops don't really do that, although spending time on David's blog really makes me wonder.

Back again at Lowry's, Burnette is gearing up for a fight and can be seen with his S&W 5903 in a Small of the Back holster. His S&W 4506 is in a vertical shoulder holster:
Holstered S&W 5903 Pictures, Images and Photos

The BGs ambush Lowry and Burnette in the lobby, and Fouchet pulls his Cheetah and a S&W Model 66 while a minion destroys all of the glass in sight with a Intratec TEC 9:
Throwdown Pictures, Images and Photos
S&W Model 66 Pictures, Images and Photos
TEC 9 Firing Pictures, Images and Photos

The BGs kidnap Julie, and the minion who missed everyone with the TEC 9 puts a S&W 59 to her neck:
S&W Model 59 Pictures, Images and Photos

Lowry and Burnette get ready for a big firefight at the end of the movie. Lowry opens the trunk in the front of his Porche to reveal body armor, two H&K MP5's, and a Olymic Arms OA-93:
H&K MP5 PDWs Pictures, Images and Photos

During the fight one of the cops is using a Calico M960:
Calico M960 Pictures, Images and Photos

The BGs have many different weapons like this H&K MP5 PDW:
BG H&K MP5 PDW Pictures, Images and Photos

And this IMI Galil ARM in 7.62x51:
IMI Galil ARM Pictures, Images and Photos

Lowry has a Olympic Arms OA-93 with a bottomless twenty round magazine, and later a shorty Remington 870, and Burnette has a H&K MP5 PDW:
AR Pistol Pictures, Images and Photos
Oly Arms OA-93 Pictures, Images and Photos
Shorty 870 Pictures, Images and Photos

The last gun of the post is a C.O.P .357 Magnum that Frouchet pulls at the very end of the movie:
COP 357 Magnum Pictures, Images and Photos
A most unusual weapon.

Overall this movie is good-to-go. There is much humor thrown in, and there are plenty of guns and gunfights. Go check it out.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Movie Guns; sorry about the wait. I should have everything back in order now, so the next post should be on time.


James R. Rummel said...

Good post, as per.


DBP said...

The unidentified pistol while they are buying Skittles looks to be a Widley
Distinctive backtstrap, rear sight, etc.

Unknown said...

Yup. Definitely a Wildey. Thanks for picking that one up!

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