Monday, November 17, 2008

That's a teeny bullet!

School officials said it was a .9-mm handgun and that the boy brought it from home. He also had a clip full of bullets, but the weapon was not ready to fire. There was no round in the chamber, Local 10's Roger Lohse reported.
If I had to chose, I would rather get hit with a .9mm round than a 9mm one. I'll let the "clip ful o' bullets" slide this time because the cop in the story actually has a clue:

The magazine was in the gun at the time it was shown to the student, and then when the teacher recovered it, the magazine was outside of the gun," said Fort Lauderdale police Sgt. Frank Sousa.

"Even if it wasn't loaded, or was loaded, if it would have gone off, that would have been another tragic situation," said parent Nickie Williams.

Hey Nickie: if the gun isn't loaded, it can't "go off." I think America would really benefit from having a one hour TV special that covered how firearms operate, as well as the many myths that follow them. And why, oh why don't these schools make it illegal for anyone to bring a gun inside by posting one of those clever signs that are so effective at turning terrorists and criminals away?

Several parents showed up at Walker after the incident, some in disbelief that children so young were exposed to a deadly weapon. For Tammie Slaughter, Friday was the second time this week one of her children had a close call. Her older child goes to Dillard High School, where a student was fatally shot on Wednesday.

Unbelievable. These people are actually breeding, folks. Think about that. Thank goodness they have a police Sgt. that has some freaking sense:

Police commended the students who alerted the teacher, but they said the job of keeping kids safe starts at home.

"If you're a parent with a firearm, obviously the responsibility falls back on you," Sousa said.

The boy has been charged with bringing a gun on school property, a felony. Police are still trying to determine who owns the weapon. That person could face charges for allowing the boy to have access to the gun.

The school was never placed on lockdown. No one was injured.

And there you have it. The teacher took the gun, the cops showed up and are busy determining who owns the gun and why they let a 3rd grader carry it, and the school stayed open. All that despite a recent fatal school shooting in the same district. It sounds to me like the Fort Lauderdale police are on point.

Now, if they could just educate the parents. . .

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