Friday, November 14, 2008

Paranoid Barry

Now that the Light Worker is heading into the WH, he wants to know everything about those who work for him. Funny thing is that the office of the President is supposed to work for The People; you know, the very same people who wanted to know everything about him during his campaign run, but didn't get the chance - not from the mainstream media, anyways.

It seems that our future President is a little bit paranoid:

The Obama transition team is sending a seven-page, 63-item questionnaire to every candidate for Cabinet and other high-ranking positions in the incoming administration. The questions cover everything from information on family members, Facebook pages, blogs and hired help to links to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, American International Group and troubled banks as well as lawsuits, gifts, resumes, loans and more.


Question 61 seems to have been prompted by the controversy over former 1960s radical William Ayres in Obama's

campaign: "Have you had any association with any person, group or business venture that could be used -- even unfairly -- to impugn or attack your character or qualifications for government service?"

Under the final, "Miscellaneous" category, the questionnaire asks for the names and phone numbers of past live-in lovers; whether anyone in the applicant's family owns a gun; the state of the applicant's health; and whether he or she has any enemies.

I guess responding with "none of your business" is an immediate disqualifier.

Perhaps we should be giving these questionnaires to every national political candidate in the future. It might clear things up a bit.

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