Monday, November 3, 2008

Another "Gun Free" school zone fail

This time in Maine. Fortunately nobody was hurt, and the nutcase surrendered peacefully, but the story seems to be misleading:
STOCKTON SPRINGS, Maine (AP) -- A gunman who had been on the lam for a week held 11 fifth-graders hostage at a school Friday but was tackled outside a classroom without any harm to the children, police said.
So was he tackled forcefully and disarmed by some hero? That's what this line suggests, but then the next line says:
Randall Hofland, 55, had released all the students and had turned over a gun to one of the former hostages before he was arrested at Stockton Springs Elementary School, authorities said.
Uh huh, so he wasn't tackled and disarmed, it sounds like he was tackled by someone for good effect after he handed over the gun. This would be another every day example of how reporters and journalists like to handle Joe public, instead of just giving us straight facts and letting us decide for ourselves.

The media couldn't pass the truth if their lives depended on it.

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