Monday, November 24, 2008

DC DA Peter Nickels is a dirtbag

When you need the District Attorney to step it up for the sake of the community, he just can't be bothered:

"I don't mind getting 20 e-mails about a particular problem that reflects the unique perspective of people in the community, but I don't approve of an organized campaign to send me 50 e-mails," he told the paper.

"I haven't touched them," he said. "I told my secretary to put them in a pile."

All of this because DC Metro police decided that if they were going to arrest this guy again that they wanted his ass to stay in jail, and not be let loose to assault people. Unfortunately, even if he is put in jail for a lengthy sentence he will eventually be unleashed again on the community where he will put his new found prison skills to the test. Let's hope he doesn't kill somebody.

This is the reason for the insane level of crime in the District, and you can't blame citizens for wanting to defend themselves from this mess. Lock this bastard up, and when he strikes again - put him away for ever.

As for District Attorney Peter Nickels: he needs to be thrown out on his ass. As long as he, or others like him, stays in office you will have rampant crime with no hope in sight. Why we did away with tarring and feathering people like this is the question of the day.

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