Thursday, November 6, 2008

More about our military and the US role in the world

From Armed Canadian. Here's a piece:
Since the rest of the world seems ecstatic at the rise of Obama to the Presidency, the expectation is in their minds that those war-mongering, pesky, ignorant, brutal Americans won't be butting their noses where they don't belong. Given his stated intention to hobble the military, bloggers are already reporting people planning to leave the service rather than re-enlist. Given the way a socialist Obama and Congress view the military as an evil thing, I can't blame them. I'd be physically ill at the thought of having to obey the orders of this new C-in-C.
Yup! I'm one of those individuals on the way out, and my future proclivities are gone for good as well. Not. Interested.

Now, AC is right in that countries have been critical of our worldly help, despite the fact that we have to bail them out of trouble on a regular bases. Once the excitement wears off and they realize that we don't have the resources to help them, then the real whining will begin:
So in a couple years, with ships tied up due to lack of funds or having maintenance drawn out, combat experienced vets gone and tanks and vehicles sitting unused for a lack of spare parts, when a natural disaster or conflict comes along somewhere in the world, call for someone else to help you. Go cry to the fucking United Nations to save you.
Too bad a shit-ton of our hard earned tax dollars are going to be shovelled into that corrupt organization in a vain effort to make the world "fair."

There's more where that came from, so go and read it.

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