Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little more serious than "fun & games"

Teenagers in DC are beating the snot out of citizens, sometimes fatally, and either robbing or attempting to rob them, or worse.

Watch the whole video.

If even on duty DC cops are getting jumped by these thugs, then how do you expect them to keep you safe? Assistant DC Police Chief Diane Groomes offers a pathetic warning to the young heathen:
"We really need to tell these youths out there. . . OK . . you might think it's fun and games. . . and you think it's OK to . . you know. . maybe punch someone. . .but sometimes when you. . .even when you punch someone it could lead to death."
Thanks for the stern warning, there, Chief! That's sure to make the little violent scumbags tremble in their Timberlands, but I have a better idea. How about giving the DC citizens their rights back so that they can carry small lifesaving tools that could prevent a beating, shooting, stabbing or raping from ever happening in the first place. That is, until you can guarantee the safety of every citizen, including your police officers. Or perhaps you can just keep on with the ineffective policy that you are using now:

"As for the victim of the most recent attack. . .she just wants something to be done."

"I see so many young adults hanging around. They keep me from going into CVS. They keep me from using the ATM. They keep me from taking the path that I would normally take."

I suggest moving to Virginia where your life and safety is taken more seriously. You can protect yourself here.

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