Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Movie Guns XXIX

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

Today is a good day to celebrate another Movie Guns; although I probably could have picked a movie that honors our men and women in uniform. Oh well.

The idea for today's pick came from this post over at Fighting for Liberty. James, I was movie shopping for your pick, but Target was all out, so I will hit Best Buy for a copy and do the post for next weekend.

The pick for this week is the film Resident Evil. There's something for everybody in this movie: guns, zombies, guns, a cool plot, guns, Milla Jovovich in a short skirt (with guns). You just can't go wrong!

The plot is kinda deep, so I'll let you sort that out when you watch the movie (you are going to watch it, aren't you?). I'm gonna cover the guns.

First stop is a beautiful mansion where Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up and can't remember a thing. Some dude named Matt (Eric Mabius) comes barging in right before a group of mall ninja come smashing through the windows:
Ninja On Rappel
No word on why the ninja felt like they needed to rappel dramatically through the windows and onto the ground floor of the house. I guess it makes for good TV. Anyways, they have on British FM12 gas masks that lack a canister (filter, for the layman):
FM12 Mask No Canister

Matt pulls a Springfield Armory 1911 from a shoulder holster, which at first looked like a crossdraw holster, but the ninja disarm him:
1911 Crossdraw

The ninja are part of a "sanitation" team, and they carry an assortment of weapons like this H&K P7 and S&W P99:
H&K P7
Walther P99

And even a Ka-Bar:

Some of the ninja have H&K G36K rifles, and one of them has a bent barrel:
H&K G36K
Bent Barrel

The mansion is actually the surface portion of an underground research facility, called the 'Hive', that makes biological weapons. The ninja take Alice and Matt onto a train that takes them into the Hive to see what set off an alarm in the facility. On the train, they discover another man named Spence (James Purefoy) who also has amnesia like Alice. Also, on the train one of the ninja flags Matt with his rifle:
Rules 1 & 2
Rules one and two!!

When they get off the train, the mall ninja get all tactical and start to search for bad guys. As they are searching, the Hive's computer is identifying their weapons with a camera:
Computer Gun ID
Computer Gun ID 2
Computer Gun ID 3
Notice the computer calls the magazines "clips," and identifies the "One's" (Colin Salmon) sidearm as a Colt Government Target, which I later reveal that it's not, and another ninja's sidearm as a S&W Model 910, which it is not.

Here we have a glimpse of the One's 1911 and another ninja's S&W Model 4506; both of which are in Safariland thigh holsters:
Thigh Holsters
Why none of them have lights on their weapons is unclear.

The One is carrying a H&K G36K carbine with the AG36 grenade launcher mounted under it:
H&K G36K with AG36
Take note that his thigh holster is mounted way too low.

A no name ninja is seen here moments before a gruesome death with a H&K MP5KA4 and mounted Walther red dot sight:

Here is another look at that weapon, seen in Alice's flashback:
H&K MP5KA4 Close

Next, we have Alice wandering about by herself when she finds a Beretta Inox on a dead guard. She wisely picks it up, and moments later gets into a scrap with a pack of zombie dogs!!
Bacon Wrapped Cujos

She gets some work done with the Inox:
Beretta Inox
Beretta Inox Close
Splodey Cujo Head
OOOooohh!! Exploding zombie dog brains are my favorite!!

During all of this I caught a picture of the Inox cycling a blank cartridge:
Blankety Blank

To see a video clip of this scene, go here.

Alice joins Matt, Spence, and the rest of the ninja in what is supposed to be a cafeteria, but is definitely not. The Hive's computers were successfully shut down, which opened all of the safety doors and let out. . .


Oh Yes Its A Zombie!!

Oh, hell yes!! Machine guns and zombies make for great entertainment!

Apparently the virus that was being manufactured turns good and decent folk into flesh eating zombies. The virus was deliberately released in the Hive, which killed everyone and turned them zombie. The One erroniously calls the virus a "nerve gas," which is definitely wrong as Nerve agents are liquid, not gas, and are not a biological agent like a virus is.

Here we have what the Hive's computer thought was a S&W Model 910, but is actually a S&W Model 4506:
S&W 4506

Kaplan (Martin Crewes) is carrying a S&W Model 60 with a 3" barrel for some odd reason:
S&W Model 60
Before you say it, there is nothing wrong with the killing potential of the Model 60, but for uber tactical ninja operators to be walking about with one as a primary weapon, while everyone else carries an H&K (everyone knows only REAL "operators" carry H&K), is kinda odd.

Back to the desperate fight at hand, we have a H&K G36K with the dual optic, and the guy isn't even using it. I guess sights are for POG's:
I Dont Need Sights

Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) is using a H&K MP5KA4 with the Walther red dot and dual magazine:
H&K MP5A4 Firing

She sometimes uses the scope, which begs the question: why do uber tactical ninja operators have $19,000 weapons with $35 optics?

After the fight, we have Rain, Alice, Matt, Spence, and Kaplan left. Everyone else was killed by lazer beams or became zombie fodder. Rain was bit on the hand, and we all know what that means, but she has a ways to go before she craves the taste of flesh, so she soldiers on with this 1911 that has the hammer down. Curse you Hollywood!
Hammer Down

Actually, throughout the movie the 1911s are sometimes hammer up, sometimes hammer down. I guess it depends on whether the actor remembers to thumb it back or not.

That 1911 is an interesting one. It's supposed to be a "Colt Government Target" like the One's, but it's actually a Springfield Armory disguized as a Colt Gold Cup:
Colt Imposter

Matt's Springfield 1911 is still around, as can be seen here in the hands of Spence when he betrays everyone:
Springfield 1911

What's interesting about this one is that it is a Springfield Armory Milspec model that morphs back and forth between a regular Milspec and the odd railed model:
Springer Milspec 1911
Railed Springer Milspec

See the Springfield roll mark on the slide? Does anyone know what type of rail that is? It's not a Dawson, that's for sure.

Winding down now, we have a huge zombie, called a Licker, that busts into the room and starts chasing Alice, Matt, Rain, and Kaplan:
Huge Zombie

Spence falls prey to the Licker, and becomes an icky looking zombie until Alice kills him with the 1911:
Icky Zombie

The Licker then attacks the train as Alice, Matt, Kaplan, and Rain try to get to the surface. The thing eats Kaplan, and Rain finally turns zombie and tries to eat her some human, but Alice takes them all out with her trusty new Springfield. You can always count on a 1911!
Big Ass Zombie

Last, but not least, we have Alice waking up in some laboratory hospital, only to find out that the virus has started to take over the world by turning everyone into a zombie. She is last seen arming herself with a High Standard K-1200 Riot shotgun that she takes from a police car:
High Standard K1200

That's it folks! Have a happy Veteran's Day!!

Update: The S&W 4506 might actually be a Model 5903 or a 5906. I police my own posts from time to time and noticed that the barrel is too short to be a 4506.

That is all.


Anonymous said...


"why do uber tactical ninja operators have $19,000 weapons with $35 optics?"

Gotta love Hollywood ... that's some funny stuff right there.

James R. Rummel said...

Great post once again!


Anonymous said...

Also, a 4506 doesn't have the double stack bulges. That gun does.

Anonymous said...

MP5K's are less than $3,500, with good optics, to most gov' agencies.

A model 60 is a perfectly fine back-up gun for the computer operator of a squad. It could have been his personal gun, as many back-ups tend to be.

Anonymous said...

Your repeated use of the phrase "mall ninja" is pretty laughable.

Likewise (and I'm speaking in-universe of the movie here), I seriously doubt the Umbrella Corporation paid $19,000 apiece for those MP5Ks. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they were manufactured by the company.

And I have no clue how you came to the conclusion that JD Salinas wasn't using the sights on his G36K. I've watched this movie numerous times and he most definitely does use them.

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