Friday, November 14, 2008


Youth Mixed Martial Arts is popular in Missouri, and the media just found out about it. Surprisingly, the article is somewhat balanced. What I think is interesting is that there's a opinionated doctor who wants to ruin the sport:

"When the goal of a sport is to choke your opponent into submission so they can tap out I have a problem with that," said Dr. Scott Dattel.

Dr. Dattel of Kansas City Pediatrics concedes all contact sports carry a risk of injury. But he warns youth MMA can promote aggressive behavior and cause permanent damage.

Yeah, because football doesn't encourage youth to be aggressive, and is known for being so freakin safe. I always find that point fascinating, especially when it comes down to youth and firearms. Whiny parents like to spout that the firing of icky guns condones violence right before they take their wonder kid to a football game where they scream for him to knock some other kids block off. Hypocrites!

Anyways, the parents in this article do a great job of fending off the doc's silly attack:

"No one in their right mind would tell you they're not worried someone will get hurt,” said Jennifer Swinehart.” I've had my kids dislocate something during wrestling and during football or kickboxing. My son slid into third base and broke his knee."

Jennifer Swinehart, the parent of three fighters, supports the sport. She says it teaches her children discipline and focus. She also says it decreases aggression outside the sport. Children must keep up their grades and stay out of trouble to participate. Parents cheer on the action sitting cage side. Along with Jennifer they fend off critics.

"I don't think they've looking into it enough to realize there are rules and regulations for the children and the safety,” said Swinehart.

Where have we heard this before? As I said, shooting sports are demonized by the ignorant, but there's more to it than most would think. Safety is paramount, and the child learns discipline, respect, and has a great time to boot.

The end of the story has the evil legislators rubbing their evil hands together while conjuring up some PSH before banning the sport.


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