Sunday, November 2, 2008

Movie Guns XXVIII

Here we are again with another Movie Guns. Somehow I managed to get this together with very little time, and I hope you enjoy it.

This week's Movie Guns is on the film Man on Fire (the 2004 remake), which is an awesome revenge movie if you're into that sort of thing. In watching this film I noticed a few mistakes in the tactics, but it doesn't take anything away as far as I'm concerned. This is a Glock movie, for sure, and you will notice that some of the guns that Creasy (Denzel Washington) use change type from scene to scene.

To give a little background: Creasy is a washed up CIA counter-insurgency/assassin that takes a job as a body guard protecting a little girl in Mexico. His weapon of choice is a Glock auto pistol, usually in a model 34 1st or 3rd Generation. He's a drunk, and he's also suicidal, with one scene where he puts his pistol to his head and pulls the trigger only to have nothing happen because the 9mm cartridge was a dud.

That's the backdrop for the film; now let's see the guns.

First up we have Creasy practicing his moves with his Glock 34 I Generation. Notice the horrible grip, which is the only time he does this in the film:
Bad Grip

He practices a kind of reverse El Pesidente here:
El PResidente
El Presidente Draw

Here are a couple of close ups of his I Generation Glock 34, and another that shows the top of the slide cut away for a ported barrel, but curiously there are no ports:
Glock 34 I Gen
Glock 34 load
Glock 34 with slide cut

When some kidnapping thugs steal "Pita" Ramos (Dakota Fanning), Creasy shoots it out with them - some of them being corrupt Mexican cops.

He draws a III Generation Glock 34 from a belt holster before firing it into the air to scare Pita into running away from the trouble:
Glock 34 III Gen

A couple of the scumbags start shooting Creasy with Beretta 92Fs, and one of them is shooting a mystery revolver:
Scumbag with Beretta 92F
Unk Revolver

This scumbag has a Browning High Power:
Browning HP

Creasy kills two of them before they gun him down and capture Pita. During the scene Creasy keeps both eyes open and doesn't appear to use the sights. One thing I'd like to point out is that he doesn't fire multiple random shots at stuff like actors tend to do with autopistols, but he fires single shots that hit their mark. People often believe that because you have a bunch of rounds in the magazine that you can afford to waste your shots. In reality everyone of them counts.

Creasy survives the attack only to find out from his friend that Pita was killed by the thugs when they tried to exchange her for money. He decides to kill every one of the scumbags involved, and to do that he needs some firepower. His friend leads him to a Mexican arms dealer where we find tables full of guns - like this one that holds a Colt Officers 1911 with pearl grips; a Sig P220; a Broomhandle Mauser; a Colt OFficial Police revolver; a S&W revolver that I can't readily identify; another mystery gun with Hogue grips; a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless; and what looks to be a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket:
Guns on Table

Creasy picks up this double barrel shotgun and gives it a look:
Double Barrel

We also have a M3 Greasegun:

A H&K MP5 that is behind the Greasegun:
M3 Greasegun

A Thompson Sub Machine Gun:
Thompson SMG

We even have M67 grenades:
M67 Grenade

Then we see a Beretta 92F, a Colt Combat Commander, and a Browning High Power:
Beretta Colt and Browning

The latter being the one in his hand in this picture:
Crposs Eye Dominant
Notice anything? He is holding the pistol in his right hand, but he's aiming with his left eye. That won't land him accurate shots.

He buys quite a few weapons from the dealer; one of them being the Colt 1911 after he gives it a good looksee:
Colt Commander

I did notice this machine gun that looks similar to a Bren, but the picture is too dark to tell. I tried to lighten it, but it didn't help. You be the judge:
Possible Bren

Now, the first scumbag to endure Creasy's wrath is captured when Creasy puts a III Generation Glock 17 to his head:
Glock 17

Creasy tortures him by cutting off his fingers with this folding knife:

Next, he finds his way to a dark club where he gets in by pressing this Sig P228 into the belly of the bouncer:
Sig P228 in the club

There's not much to see from the club scene as far as firearms are concerned, but Creasy kills a couple more bad guys before blowing the building up. Later, he ambushes a motorcade by shooting the lead car with this Type 69 RPG while it cruises through the intersection:
Type 69 RPG

He then walks out into the street and kills the driver in another car, and then he captures to leader of the kidnapping cell. I'm not going to spoil the next scene for you, but it's pretty nasty.

Getting near the end now, Creasy finds Aurelio Rosas Sanchez (Gero Carmilo), the brother of "The Voice," who in turn is the top of the foodchain of the kidnapping operation, and the guy responsible for Pita's kidnapping. Aurelio manages to shoot Creasy in the chest with this 1911:
Unk 1911
Unk 1911 Fire
Check out that grip! He's pulling the trigger with his support hand index finger, and his left thumb is wrapped around behind the grip safety, which not only makes the gun sit lower in his hand, but it's also a good way to get slide bite!

Creasy catches Aurelio and finds out that "The Voice" has Pita alive, and agrees to exchange himself and Aurelio for her. In this frame, he passes a sawed-off double barrel shotgun to Pita's mother before making the exchange:
Shorty Double Barrel

And here is Creasy pressing the Colt Commender into Aurelio with the hammer down. Hollywood will never get the 1911 right:
Colt Hammer Down

At the exchange, one of the bad guys is seen here with an unknown M4gery or AR that is equiped with a laser and CMore sight:
AR with CMore

That's about it. I managed to capture a couple of frames from earlier with guns I couldn't identify. In this picture is what I believe to be a Mini UZI, but it's too dark to tell for certain:
Possible Mini UZI

Here's a closer look at the Glock 17:
Glock 17 III Gen
This is a hard movie to cover in sequence. It has become one of my favorites because Creasy's revenge is pretty sweet, and he gets to take out the bad guys along the way. There's alot of movie that I didn't cover because there were no guns in it, so you should check it out some time.
Update: Bunnyman notes in comments:
This series rocks! On the table of guns, the unidentified autoloader in front appears to be a two-tone third-gen S&W autoloader - something like this. I also see a S&W #3 Schofield in front, and a Hi-Standard Derringer behind the SIG. The Bren-looking machinegun appears to be a Mendoza, which is a really cool touch on the prop department's part. The Mini Uzi might be a Beretta M12.
The Mendoza is right on, as well as the Derringer, S&W Schofield, and Beretta M12. The mysterious autoloader does indeed look like a S&W metal frame, but I can't find a match with forward cocking serrations.
Thanks for picking those out!


Bunnyman said...

This series rocks!

On the table of guns, the unidentified autoloader in front appears to be a two-tone third-gen S&W autoloader - something like this. I also see a S&W #3 Schofield in front, and a Hi-Standard Derringer behind the SIG.

The Bren-looking machinegun appears to be a Mendoza, which is a really cool touch on the prop department's part.

The Mini Uzi might be a Beretta M12.

Borepatch said...

Actually, I shoot right handed, but my left eye is dominant.

Then again, you're right - it doesn't do anything for accuracy. ;-)

I came here via Liberty's place - great blog.

James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Cowboy Blob said...

The cutaway on top of the slide of the first Glock is there solely for the purpose of lightening the slide (making it cycle quicker). The slide cuts on the -C (Compensated) models are much smaller.

Good post!

Anonymous said...

I promise if I ever become a film maker (a dream I one day hope for), I'll portray the 1911 right.

adler said...

i believe the Bren-like mg is actually a Bren converted to 7,62 NATO round, like this deactivated one:

GM45 said...

The SIG Creasy presses to the bouncer's belly is a SIG P226, you can see it has a square trigger guard. A P228 has a rounded one.

And I spoke to an armorer, the G34 doesn't have ports in the barrel because it messes up the blank conversion. With all those gases escaping, the gun wouldn't have enough pressure to cycle the rounds.

Max Bain said...

his horrible grip in the first shot could be because he's drunk.

Anonymous said...

i love the pictures of washington's grip on the glocks and 1911s, because he broke his right pinkie finger playing basketball as a kid and it never healed quite right, so its all bent weird. he does a good job hiding it on the red carpet and stuff, but you sometimes see it peak out in movies like this one. it cracks me up