Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So this is how it's gonna go

Let's get this out of our system now before my kids are old enough to pay for the mistakes of our naive generation. To be honest, if the election had gone the other way I would probably be a lot more worried, because I think that the idea of taxing the dogshit out of your constituents to give to those who didn't earn it is bad policy, and I don't want my kids to ever have face an election where they have to chose between two bad ideas.

As far as the Republicans go, I'm sincerely glad that they got their asses handed to them. Shame on them for pushing a candidate that long ago abandoned their ideals. As far as the Democrat camp goes, shame on them for pushing a candidate that is so far left that he fell off the platform. At least Al Gore was competent. And had accomplished something more than community organizing in his lifetime.

I think the real blame for this mess goes to our political system which suppresses the opposition to the status quo. No matter how you look at it, every election realistically offers only the choice between two parties. I don't agree with much from either of them. I do know that I will teach my kids to be careful in whom they chose for office in every election, instead of just voting for a candidate by looking at his or her TV ads.

I do think that this country is going to endure long economic catastrophe from the results of our choice, one that's going to eclipse the current disaster that we face, and I'd rather bear the force of that catastrophe now, while I'm strong, instead of later when I'm old, or worse, before my kids have to do it instead.

So pass me that glass of socialism, and let us drink a toast to the recession of our ideals. Once we have our fill, we will no doubt yearn for real change. . .

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true that.