Friday, November 7, 2008

Arm thyself

I figured I'd pick up some more firepower due to the new political mess that we're in, so I bought an SKS from a local pawnshop yesterday. It's a Chinese type 56 that I had looked a couple of months ago, and for some reason it was still on the shelf:
Chinese type 56 SKS

It has an impressive bore, and I put the Tapco stock on last night, but I'm still kind of fond of the wood stock. Too bad it has no ergonomics, and the length of pull is too short. Does anyone know if there is a nice wood stock out there that's built for us westerners? How about sights? I would like tritium ghost ring sights, but so far I haven't been able to come up with any. I do like the Tech-Sights, and that's probably what I'll go with, but they don't make them in tritium. I'm pretty surprised that there is not a lot of accessories for the SKS considering how popular they are.

Ammo is in the mail. I'm now on a strict monthly ammo purchasing regimen that will only stop when my money runs out, ammo is banned, or my basement sinks into the earth from all of the weight. I know that these rifles are not meant for tack-driving accuracy, but I can't help but notice that everyone says they're minute of pie plate at a hundred yards, yet these guns are overwhelmingly fed a diet of Wolff ammo, which is not known for accuracy. I do know that the 7.62x39mm can be reloaded, but to what gain? Anyone? I have zero problem with handloading a cartridge which has hard to find components if it gives me a noticeable gain in accuracy. I'm not trying to take it to Camp Perry or anything, but I would like to get it as accurate as reasonably possible so that when our economy collapses from the Light Worker's childish economic plan I can reliably hit Bambi's baby brother at two hundred yards or more and feed my family.

Something else of note: my background check took four hours, and the pawnshop was closing their doors when the call from the FBI came back in. The guy at the counter said that all background checks are backed up due to the overwhelming demand for guns right now. I almost had to pick the rifle up the next day which made me pissed because if there was a hurricane coming in, or if I were a petite woman trying to get a handgun to protect myself from a scumbag due to restraining order failure, then I would have been screwed. Looking at the evidence, I'm not convinced that the Brady background check does anything at all to stop a violent scumbag from getting a gun, but I do know that it infringes on my rights. Just a thought.

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Anonymous said...

I've got the Tech Sights on the rear and the William's fiberoptic firesight on the front (near the bottom on that page).

Not quite as good as tritium, but it makes for a pretty good sight picture.

Here's a picture of the Williams front sight on my rifle...without all the artificial embellishment they use on their web site.

I did have to "fit" the Williams sight a bit to make it work with my Yugo SKS, but not terribly and I believe they designed them to work with the more traditional style like the Chinese rather than the Yugo, so that may not even be an issue with yours.

I tried the William's rear peep sight initially, but it moved around too much and wasn't accurate as a result.

I'm very happy with the combination of the Tech sights rear sight and the Williams front sight.