Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yippppieeeeee! Explosive growth RULZ!!!!

Per the latest census information released Tuesday, Culpeper County ranked No. 82, experiencing a 35.7 percent growth rate from 2000 to 2009.
Yeah!!! An almost 36 percent growth is super awesome, with no possible downside at all. Shoe-horning people into a county is cool because it means that people really really really want to live there sooooo-o-o-o-o bad!

Welcome to the suburbs of DC, Culpeper residents. I hope you enjoy it.

The dumb ass leadership there no doubt has your best interests in mind.
Spotsylvania, east of Culpeper, has experienced 33.8 percent growth since 2000, reaching a population of 120,977.
Sure, lets use Spotsylvania as the shining example, because it's turned out to be so fantastic. I love spending an hour in traffic trying to cross town when fifteen years ago it took me eight minutes. I can't wait until they finish the worlds largest water park! The city tells me with their exhaustive study that there will be no impact whatsoever on the traffic nightmare that we have now. No sir! It's not going to be as bad as even a tiny strip mall. And surrounding counties (like y'all, Culpeper) that suffer from water shortages and drought will not have like any impact from all the water used to make the dirty foreign kids happy.

But hey, the growth is totally worth it because "tourism is our economic development engine!" The more shit and people you can jam into the area translates into more money into the pockets of the county bureaucrats the county residents! That's it! Sure sure. They'll publish a study saying so!

So just keep telling yourselves that explosive unsustainable growth is the path forward to enlightenment, and you too can end up with a population six times what it should be!

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