Monday, March 29, 2010

An Eastern clown show over a Western Diamondback

Years ago, I researched the pros and cons of owning a venomous snake, and reached the conclusion that I wasn't responsible enough to own one. From what I could gather, people that did own them overwhelmingly said that you will be bit eventually.

This guy found that out the hard way when his pet rattlesnake decided enough was enough. He should be fine.

What I thought was interesting about the story though is frightful behavior of the cops in the man's yard. Watch the video. They're all standing around holding shotguns like the snakes are going to make a run for it, and they have to stop them. Buncha sissies!

I think I would lose all confidence in my local law enforcement if I witnessed such a spectacle - cops all jittery while holding long arms.

And somebody needs to tell reporter Rob Hoell that "poisonous" snakes are not illegal as far as I know; I don't think they even exist. He might as well have said that the tooth fairy is illegal.

That the illegal ownership of venomous snakes is common should tell you something about the regard people have for the law. Why, it's almost like people will do what they please, and that they should be held accountable for their actions only if it effects others, which in this case it is clear that it does.
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