Monday, March 1, 2010

Assault with a deadly SUV

It sure does happen.

The reason I thought this was worth a post is to point out how an everyday object like a Ford Expedition can be used to hurt people - either on purpose or through negligence.

It is often said by gun control folk that it takes special training far beyond the capabilities of the average person to handle a firearm. They fail to notice that with very limited training, people have been using extremely complex machines like automobiles without much problem. Sure, there are accidents with cars, but nobody disputes that they are here to stay, or that human beings generally can handle them.

Carry a firearm in a Wal-Mart?!?! John Q. Citizen can't possibly handle one around all those people! But a police officer can! They're highly trained!

But illegal aliens, teenagers, and the elderly are perfectly capable of driving towards each other on a narrow back road in 5,000 lb. SUVs while talking on a cellphone, with nothing but four inches of yellow paint separating them from crashing head on. Ever think about that?

Cars are complex and dangerous, but the populace does very well with them. Same goes for firearms.
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