Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boy do I see some cost saving measures in here

Reading some of these stories about strange injuries in the ER makes me doubt the strength of the republic. But more importantly methinks many of these injuries will become a thing of the past when the new health care bill gets rolling.

Any risky behavior that leads to unnecessary visits to the ER can simply be regulated away. Some of them will be simple, like not standing on a basketball while texting in the shower. More popular stuff is sure to follow, like motor cross or high school football. Count on it.

You can bet that if the government is going to extort money from my family to pay for the health of yours, than I get a say regarding your risky proclivities. My list won't be as inclusive as most.

I see America as becoming one big ass home owner's association; but instead of regulating the color of your azaleas, look forward to soulless panels of people voting to ban little Veronica from playing field hockey.
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