Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giving ABC News some credit

For this fair and balanced article on open carry of firearms. No, really.

There is a cameo from the Brady Campaign, but not the two thirds of the article which we're all so used to. The focus of the article is on an everyday guy who has open carried for years. Writer Alice Gomstyn doesn't paint him in any negative light, and I'm perplexed as usually writers go out of their way to find some kook to use as the center of their piece.

Well done, ma'am!

Update: Watch the video on the page! Holy smokes! Y'all won't believe this, but a reporter for ABC News covered a Virginia open carry BBQ event, and not one single person was shot! Not one!

Also, the reporter (I didn't capture his name. Sorry about that) noted how the non violent humans with death machines on their hips were not braggarts; and when he asked them about what type of weapon they carried, was fascinated that not one person grabbed their gun, but rather just talked about it. Safety was noted as well.

He was wrong on one part, where he covered the states that "permit" open carry. The difference is that in states like Virginia, the right to bear arms openly is not "permitted" - it is not infringed.

And, as aways, Phillip Van Cleeve is frickin' awesome.
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