Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good for me but not for thee

The Sentinel bird-dogs some VA Beach hypocrisy from the Chief of Police, Jake Jacocks.

The letter from the Chief is chock full of common assumptions, like the typical "common citizens are not highly trained," to "bar fights will turn into murder." Complete ridiculousness.

This one caught my eye:
"The mere possession of the weapon likely makes some less apt to just walk away."
I've never heard of that one before. I know a lot of people who carry, and the common theme among every one of them is that carrying a gun makes a person way more likely to walk away from a confrontation, not the other way around. Most, including myself, won't fight over a parking space, argue with a drunk, or defend a wife against a nasty verbal comment while armed. No one wants to take anyone's life, so there's no reason to push an issue because most likely it can be avoided.

This letter shows the growing disconnect between law enforcement officers and the peaceable citizen. Chief Jacock has no problem encouraging the erosion of the liberty of others, as after his shift is over, he will still be able to take his wife to Olive Garden while armed.
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